Asking the Right Questions for 3PL Success

When it comes to buying 3PL software, you have to understand what you are asking for. You also have to understand the context and the expected results and make that part of your inquiry (whether it be resulting labor efficiencies or KPI’s etc). You then have to be clear about your expectations for the answers you are getting for each question and, when in doubt about something, insist on a demonstration.

List of functional Questions to Ask Warehouse Vendors

  1. One of the greatest predictability factors for success in software implementation is vertical alignment – is the 3PL product made for what you do?
  2. Can the company demonstrate the depth of the 3PL software’s capabilities in answer to your questions/requirements?
  3. What kind of modifications or configurations will need to be performed on the 3PL solution to suit my unique requirements?
  4. What will the cost of any additional configurations be?
  5. Will the software from the software provider align with third party warehousing, not just warehousing in general?
  6. What is the lifespan of the solution?
  7. Will the solution ensure a competitive advantage for my company? How?
  8. How will this competitive advantage be sustainable in the long term?