All Mobile ePOD Software Frequently Asked Questions Answered

The success of a business is achieved through satisfying their customers’ needs. They can do this through maintaining good communication, and in the logistics industry, this includes updating customers on the progress of their orders. Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) software assists businesses as it offers a modern approach to transport companies that allows them to offer their customers with more efficient and transparent services throughout the delivery process.




What is Mobile ePOD Software?


Mobile ePOD Software is mobile application software that offers users real time delivery updates and confirmation tools that are generated through GPS coordinates and signature capture. It allows customers to track their orders and for businesses to view customer account information which simplifies the delivery process. It makes the delivery process easier and quicker for delivery personnel due to the reduction in inaccuracies.




What are the advantages of Mobile ePOD Software?


Here are the following advantages of using mobile ePOD software for a logistics company:


1. Reduction in paperwork

Using Mobile ePOD leads to a reduction in lost or damaged paper delivery notes. It saves time that would have been used for manual data entry and data processing. It offers drivers simpler electronic processes and office-based teams can receive data in real-time. The paperless process minimizes the business’ carbon footprint and they can invoice quicker as well as improve their data security.


2. Faster communication

Companies need to be proactive with the services that they offer their customers. When using paper-based delivery confirmation, it is difficult to resolve any issues that might arise during the delivery process such as receiving the wrong delivery or when they want someone else to receive their delivery.

Mobile ePOD software allows quicker communication as customers receive a notification regarding their delivery as soon as it has been made. Other systems send information about who received the delivery on behalf of the customer.


3.  Create consistent processes across your fleet

Mobile ePOD software helps businesses achieve the goal of carrying out standard processes across the delivery process. All employees across the depots as well as sub-contractors follow the same application procedures that are set by Mobile ePOD software. Customers are then able to receive a consistent and reliable experience.


4. Reduce inbound calls

Real-time tracking and notifications give customers up to date information regarding their delivery status, and because of this the number of inbound calls are reduced. When delays or issues occur, service teams can give warnings about these issues and delays before customers are affected.




Does Mobile ePOD Software provide real-time tracking?


Mobile ePOD software is able to offer real-time tracking as it receives data from field transmissions. This assists the operational and customer service teams stay up to date as well as responding to any delays that may occur during the process. It allows workers to come up with solutions such as reallocating jobs to other drivers in order to avoid late deliveries and bad customer experience.


Does Mobile ePOD Software provide route optimization?


Real time tracking allows you to choose which vehicles make a specific delivery and that there is no overloading occurring. Using a digital map, routes are carefully chosen in order to save time by choosing the fastest and shortest routes. It allows drivers to save fuel and avoid wear and tear.


How does Mobile ePOD Software assist drivers?


When you replace paperwork with mobile ePOD, drivers are more efficient as it ensures that they have the relevant delivery in hand which also speeds up on-site processes. It also reduces pressure for your drivers allowing them to give a better service.


How does Mobile ePOD Software make customer experience seamless?


Real-time interaction allows customers to be informed throughout the entire delivery process. They receive pre-delivery notifications when employees begin their deliveries. They have the ability to track their orders as well as the route that the order is being delivered. After the delivery, they also receive a notification and an electronic bill. This gives customers a better delivery experience.


Is Mobile ePOD Software available on Android?


Mobile ePOD software is available on Android which allows you to have full control over your supply chain on your mobile device anytime and anywhere.


What makes Mobile Control on Android significant?


Majority of people spend their time on their mobile devices, and most people gain information through using these devices. Combining your logistics functions on a mobile device ensures that you are able to gain full visibility of your supply chain in a manner that is accessible.




Mobile ePOD software is able to assist your logistics company with all the delivery issues that it may face. It resolves these challenges and it ensures that you’re able to offer your customers with the perfect delivery every time.



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