4 Ways Mobile ePOD Software Improves Last-Mile Delivery

Over the years, there has been a shift in customer expectations for deliveries, with there being a rise in specific delivery options such as same-day delivery. All these changes have significantly affected Last-Mile Delivery, and there is a strong need to improve the process continuously; Mobile ePOD Software can assist in doing just that.

Mobile electronic proof of delivery or ePOD refers to the digital acknowledgement of a delivery receipt, which in the past was mainly paper-based. Mobile ePOD Software assists agents in capturing data that is gained through the delivery process, such as confirmation of deliveries that can be done using their mobile devices. This data is acquired by capturing the customer’s signature after successful delivery or capturing a picture of the delivered package. Switching to paperless proof of delivery offers plenty of benefits for businesses that choose to use it.

Part of the Last-Mile is ensuring that customers have the best possible experience, especially because many factors could prevent this from happening. However, Mobile ePOD Software can significantly assist in managing the issues that usually occur. Here are some of the key ways that it can improve Last-Mile Delivery.


1. Enhances Workforce Productivity


During the delivery process, Mobile ePOD can significantly improve the delivery experience onsite for the personnel involved. The software can reduce the manual processes involved, such as paper-based proof delivery, which is also known to cause problems that negatively affect the daily operations involved and the customer’s delivery experience.

Most of the issues caused by using paper-based work can lead to the inability to gain access to real-time data. It can also create more problems during deliveries, which can reduce productivity throughout the supply chain. Therefore, using Mobile ePOD Software can greatly reduce the paper-based work used, which also improves efficiency as workers can use smartphones and tablets to conduct their work. This ensures that there is better workflow during the delivery process, as delivery information is easily captured, and it is easy for workers to share this information with their supervisors.


2. Improves Customer Satisfaction


Customers’ service quality plays a significant role in whether they make a repeat purchase, as 84% of customers who have a negative delivery experience will not return. Therefore, businesses need to ensure that all their customers have a pleasant experience. One of the ways that you can achieve this is by offering real-time interactions throughout the entire delivery process. Customers should constantly receive updates regarding the location of their delivery. Mobile ePOD Software assists in doing so after the delivery has been completed. The agent who handled the delivery will send an ePOD to the office and the customer, which is a secure method to prove the success of deliveries. Having quicker access to ePOD also eliminates any miscommunication that could occur, such as false delivery confirmations. This ensures that customers have a more favourable impression of the business and that they have more trust in your brand.


3. Offers Visibility into the Supply Chain


Part of offering a positive experience is presenting customers with real-time visibility regarding the status of their orders. Mobile ePOD Software can be used to enhance end-to-end visibility during deliveries. If any issues or disputes occur during the delivery process, the office staff will receive alerts about this. Having this data at hand can assist in creating measures to not only communicate with customers in time but it gives them time to rearrange the delivery. The data offered can also be used to monitor the delivery staff as there is daily productivity data that is generated. You can also use the data to analyse trends and identify areas that can improve the delivery process.


4. Reduces Failed Delivery Costs


Failed deliveries account for many of the costs involved in Last-Mile Delivery, so it is essential that businesses reduce the chances of deliveries failing. Not only are they expensive, but they will negatively affect the customer’s delivery experience. With the use of Mobile ePOD Software, delivery agents can better validate the delivery status to fleet managers and the customers. This is because there are provided with real-time notifications if there are failed deliveries. Through the data gained about the failed delivery, fleet managers will be able to identify the reasons for the delivery failing and assist them in coming up with strategies to rectify the issues.





Last-Mile Delivery can be regarded as the most crucial aspect as that is when businesses can interact with their customers, which is why that interaction should always be as positive as possible. By eliminating manual processes involved when using paper-based methods and using Mobile ePOD Software, you can ensure that customers always have a great delivery experience.




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