5 Ways Mobile ePOD Software Can Optimize eCommerce Logistics

Now more than ever, customers not only expect great products, but they want to be offered a service that is just as great. Offering great services to a customer will increase their buying experience and will also increase their chances of choosing your business again. It is then important to invest in mobile ePOD software that will improve the consumer’s experience.

What is Mobile ePOD Software?

 An electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) refers to a digital version of a traditional paper delivery order or delivery note that confirms completed deliveries and even handles billing of orders. Mobile ePOD software allows field agents to capture data regarding deliveries and confirm the success or failure of the tasks they handled.

This software allows businesses to increase delivery mobility and flexibility of operations. There is also greater visibility of activities due to real-time updates that can be seen by drivers, the central office, and customers. This greater visibility of activities can lead to more efficiency and accuracy throughout every stage of delivery at no extra cost to the business.

 Ways Mobile ePOD Software Improves eCommerce Logistics

 Switching to digital proof of delivery reduces the redundancy that comes with traditional paper-based proof of delivery. It is able to improve your business operations regardless of the size of your business. Here are some of the ways that mobile ePOD is able to improve eCommerce logistics.


  1. Improves Customer Satisfaction


Mobile ePOD software increases customer satisfaction as they will receive accurate information regarding orders throughout the delivery process. Firstly, customers receive notifications and alerts regarding delivery times which will assist with planning their time to receive hours. Consumers can receive reminders about when their deliveries will arrive through emails and text messages.

Secondly, there is real-time interaction and tracking of orders which assists the central office operators and customers keep track of the delivery status and the whereabouts of their orders. This allows operators in notifying consumers about their delivery’s expected arrival time.

Thirdly, mobile ePOD software allows operators to gain access regarding the delivery which will enable them to confirm the delivery’s receipt and allow customers to add special instructions about the delivery. Examples of the information that operators have access to include different carrier’s performance of different routes which permits them to choose the right carrier for the delivery based on the customer’s preference.

The whole process eliminates any miscommunication about the delivery or false delivery confirmation; which improves the customer’s experience.


  1. Improves Service Quality


Mobile ePOD software allows the verification of receipt of goods which is a better method for confirmation as it is simpler, faster and much more professional than the traditional paper-based method. It also ensures that carriers have all the information regarding the delivery and the recipient of the delivery at hand as it is available on screen. This warrants that the delivery is a lot more simplified for the carrier and that all the customers receive consistent and memorable service during every delivery.


  1. Offers Real-time Visibility


Gaining access to information regarding the latest developments about deliveries not only enhances visibility in logistics, but it offers more control to operators. Operators at the central office have up to date developments and information about deliveries that they gain from data. They are able to collect and review all of this data as it arrives which enables them to see any issues within the delivery process and implement measures to resolve the issues.

Access of information in real-time allows for greater control and transparency which in the case of a delayed delivery will allow them to communicate with the customer sooner and make the necessary arrangements needed for the delivery.


  1. Boosts Productivity


Making use of mobile ePOD software can improve the delivery process for workers. Drivers and carriers need to carry paper delivery receipts with deliveries which can easily be misplaced as well. All they require is to have ePOD on their mobile devices which allow them to capture delivery confirmation and share the delivery confirmation with their advisor instantly.

It further assists staff at the central office in implementing a last-mile delivery guideline that they can follow in order to have a quicker deliver process and improve productivity.

Mobile ePOD assists managers in analyzing key performance indicators through the data that is gained at each stage of the delivery process. They can uncover and address many problems that they might notice as well and improve the activities that are affecting the quality of services.


  1. Reduces Human Error and Paperwork


Reducing the amount of paperwork required in the delivery process is the greatest benefit of mobile ePOD software. The process of collecting and capturing manual data can be very time consuming as it takes time to gather all the necessary information needed. There is also the risk of damaging, losing or destroying the paperwork.

Mobile ePOD software is able to store data that the carrier collects from the file digitally at the swipe of the screen. This electronic process also reduces the financial costs that you incur by using paper and filling these forms out by hand.

The usage of mobile devices reduces the risks of errors occurring in the delivery process which increases accuracy.


 Mobile ePOD offers businesses the chance to give the best possible service to their customers, while also improving their logistics operations. This is essential for gaining trust and loyalty from customers, and creating a better working environment for employees, drivers and carriers.