How Voice Technology Raises Productivity And Morale In The Warehouse

A recent study showed that happier workers were 12% more productive than their counterparts. It’s a rather well-known fact that happy and motivated workers produce better results and that is why this has become a goal for businesses in order to reach the best performance levels.

The logistics industry takes on millions of workers around the world and must actively manage morale to ensure it attracts and retains the best employees.  The one way to achieve that is through the warehouse, where many don’t consider such an environment as the happiest of working environments. Warehouse managers however, now have the tools to keep employees motivated even from remote areas.

Many may not think of talking to a machine as something that’s a motivator but voice technology has been found to have positive effects on warehouse workers’ work life balance and overall wellbeing. This happens through the clear guidance and direction that the machine provides during the course of the shift and enables greater efficiency. Workers are able to focus on the task at hand because they navigate through voice-directed work that is hands-free and eye-free – using small belt-worn portable devices and headsets.

One simple command at a time gets delivered from the warehouse management system through the headset and the picker confirms each instruction verbally while the system gets updated in real time. As instructions are delivered only when needed, employees can focus on single actions without getting distracted and this reduces errors. Manual processes on the other hand, involve checking lists or screens while at the same time attempting to carry out a large volume of goods without making mistakes. This causes a great deal of stress that can be removed with voice technology instead.

The above mentioned factor is just one aspect of trying to improve productivity and morale in the warehouse environment. Let’s look at four other ways this can be done.


Warehouse managers need to take it upon themselves to reward a good job. Voice technology in this regard can make it possible to spark competition and make elements of the working day a game by giving off rewards to those who complete additional tasks or meet all targets set for a period of time. Precise, clear instructions given by the warehouse management system reduces bias towards workers and levels the playing field.

Happy managers, happy workers

Implementing the use of voice in the warehouse means companies can make sure the process of picking happens in the most efficient way, enabling managers to focus on human elements including employee morale and wellbeing. Efficient processes allow for the positive impact managers seek for – meaning warehouse functions perform at optimum levels & systems build better working conditions for both employees and employers. Through similar levels of productivity, managers can manage the workforce as it becomes much more predictable and accurate.

Meeting peak demands

Dividends can be paid out during seasonal peaks when there is a more skilled and motivated workforce in place. By ensuring better accuracy and putting people at the heart of the process, voice technology can help tackle these peaks without impacting negatively on workers. .By being able to plan for peaks, voice customers have reported that they don’t experience issues or see them as a major concern, citing the fact that they are able to upskill new workers quickly and effectively – and meet demands as normal.

Health and safety

These are considered crucial for overall worker morale. The increase of technology is helping warehouses become safer working environments. For example in freezer picking, wearing a voice headset means no need for workers to remove gloves to type information into a mobile computer, a small incredibly strong benefit through the course of a working day. Working with both hands free also makes it easier to lift heavy items safely, and having both eyes free means better awareness of the surroundings, thereby reducing the risk of accidents. With such processes, workers have been shown to be less tense with their daily tasks becoming much easier to fulfill.


Source: logisticsnews

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