Dovetail Proudly Supporting The Rhino Ark Charitable Trust

Dovetail are always getting involved in our community and looking for ways that we can make a difference in peoples lives and help those in need. Empowerment and corporate responsibility is are part of our core beliefs.

We were recently involved with the Rhino Ark Charitable Trust and were able to support them by sponsoring their cause and getting involved.

About The Rhino Ark Charitable Fund

The Rhino Ark Charitable fund has been supporting the conservation of Kenya’s ‘water towers’, which acts as the main source of water catchment in our country. This year will mark the 29th rhino charge event since it was started, the vision being to mobilize the public to raise funds for Rhino Ark, the Kenyan conservation charity.

Rhino Ark is concerned with the holistic approach in the conservation of the ecosystem through the various projects they take part in; projects such as the building, expansion and continuous maintenance of Electric Fence Projects in the Aberdare, Mount Kenya and Mau Eburu forest ecosystems. These fences help to bring harmony between the wildlife and the surrounding communities whilst conserving the forests. Rhino Ark has also collaborated with the Kenya Wildlife Service to form the Aberdare Joint Surveillance Unit (AJSU) that integrates the local community to monitor threats to forest integrity and illegal activity thus conserving the flora and fauna of the Aberdare ecosystem. They are also involved in the Bongo Surveillance programme a project that aims to protect the endangered Bongo antelope from extinction through funding and logistical support.

To achieve and sustain the success of this kind of projects, over the years, Rhino Ark has partnered with the public and private organizations in order to raise funds. One such fund raising event is the Rhino Charge Charitable Trust of which we are registered members.

Over the last eleven years, Fargo Group has participated in the Rhino Charge Charitable event and with donations from our suppliers, other partners and own contribution to date we have raised total of Ksh. 18,754,270.64. Once again, Fargo Group will participate in the Rhino Charge 2017 scheduled for 30th May, 2017. We will have 2 entries, ‘Smiling Shenzies’ Car No. 22 & ‘Siri’ Car No. 59’. Our target is to raise 2 million for each entry.

Find out more about the initiative or contact Dovetail here.