Warehouse Racking- Optimising Storage Capacity

Cleanliness is next to Godliness- this could not be more true and is applicable to all aspects of life and business. It is especially important in the warehousing industry where safety, efficiency and cost savings are top concerns. Wasting time is one of the biggest reasons for warehouse inefficiencies. For an optimised efficient supply chain you need to ensure that products flow smoothly in and out of the warehouse environment.

While the fastest way to warehousing success is the implementation of warehouse software, you also need to ensure that a warehouse environment was created with success in mind aka an optimised layout.

One of the first considerations when creating a warehouse environment is space optimisation. Ensure that floor space is optimised to ensure a smooth and fast transition of products moving in and out.

In addition, another big consideration is your racking requirements. While it might seem as if this will cost you a fortune there are many options available with many different price tags. You will need to assess the best way of transporting your particular goods and research al of the options available to you.

Pallet racking is designed to increase storage density. There are many different types and it is important to ensure that you adhere to ISO specifications. A great invention for the smooth transition of heavy goods is Push-Back Racking which allows you to move pallets forward and backwards with automated systems as you need to store and retrieve them.

Further, Pallet flow Through Racking and Drive-in Racking systems should also be considered as these systems were designed with optimisation and efficiency in mind. Owing to the automation that comes with these systems you will save on labour and time.

When it comes to warehouse storage there are many racking options available. Once your warehouse environment has been implemented you need to move on to selecting the right kind of warehouse software which will further automate and optimise the flow of goods in and out of the warehouse environment.