Top 5 Mobile ePOD Software Features That Streamline Deliveries

Mobile ePOD software contains various features which are beneficial to its users. The software is used across multiple industries, such as food processors and distributors, distribution and warehouse management, and electrical suppliers and distributors. We will look at the software’s features that assist in streamlining deliveries.


Mobile ePOD software benefits

Mobile electronic proof of delivery (epod) software is the document drivers use to send to the operational department whenever they successfully conclude their delivery tasks. Unlike the traditional proof of delivery method, mobile ePOD is created using equipment, such as tablets or mobile phones.


  1. Remove paperwork

Lost or damaged delivery notes are pretty common when using traditional methods of proof of delivery. However, when using mobile ePOD software, these issues are eliminated. The electronic proof of delivery also eliminates the administrative burden involved when using paper-based methods that drivers use through simple electronic processes.

  1. Improves on-site services

 When you replace paper delivery methods with ePOD delivery, you can improve the company’s brand, speed up your on-site processes, ensure that drivers have the necessary information required to make deliveries, and provide customer-provided delivery instructions. Through simplifying your on-site processes, you will alleviate drivers of pressure that they usually have to deal with, ensuring that they provide customers with the best possible service as they become the best brand ambassadors for your company.

  1. Improve detail of proof of delivery and accuracy

 Electronic proof of delivery offers various data capture options, ranging from photos, checkboxes, notes to alpha-numeric fields. All these data capture options can be combined into your business’ specific electronic forms, enabling you to capture a detailed picture of what is occurring in the field. The various data capture options also will allow you to trigger different processes depending on drivers’ answers. Electronic proof of delivery also enables you to capture information more accurately, which you can also send to customers, such as the exact drop-off point or delivery entrance.

  1. Creates consistent processes across your fleet

Having standardised mobile processes ensures that each customer receives a consistent brand experience that is also reliable across all depots and from employees and subcontractors. Since all mobile workers will be using mobile ePOD software, they will have to follow the same pre-set procedures, which is crucial for creating consistent processes across your fleet. It allows for consistent data to be collected for compliance and reporting.


Mobile ePOD software features

 With customers demanding faster deliveries, there is a great need for businesses to prioritise efficiency to ensure that this occurs. The following features ensure streamlined delivery processes.


Job planning and scheduling

Mobile ePOD software has multiple flexible entry screens powered by a web-based back-office system that can cater to any delivery scenario. When the jobs required are entered into the system, they will be allocated to the vehicles in the most logical order. This manner of job planning eliminates paperwork and saves time for the organisation. You can create jobs with minimal input or complete product-level data with advanced job provision. You may also input subsequent delivery discrepancies similarly, such as pallet-level rejection, full load rejection, and product-level rejection, which are all entered with the accompanying reasons.

Route planning

 Using an Al-based route planner, the software considers the parameters of your fleet to select the efficient routes for your drivers while they are on the field. You can also handle complex route planning using various departure and arrival locations using the software. The roads you plan, and dispatch will be communicated instantly with drivers through the mobile application. Since the software has real-time job information, it lets you drag and drop jobs onto the correct vehicles to ensure that you do not overload any vehicles.

Quick invoicing

Mobile ePOD software powers paperless logistics as all documentation is stored in the cloud and can be accessed at any time. This reduces the chances of you losing delivery documentation, and office staff no longer have to wait for paper documents to arrive. You can fully integrate the software into your business’s existing back-office system, or it can be used as a stand-alone independent system containing its invoicing module. With paperless logistics, you will be able to speed up your processes allowing you to produce invoices for jobs quicker which is essential for maximising your business’ cash flow.

Vehicle tracking

An essential mobile ePOD software feature to look for is driver and vehicle tracking. This feature allows you to track your vehicles and drivers using a handheld device. The fleet manager will be able to see real-time updates of the driver’s location on a digital map. The vehicle and driver tracking feature is not only available for the business, but customers will have access to this information. Customers can monitor the real-time location of their packages with a single click allowing you to make real-time vehicle tracking the standard for all deliveries.

Dashboard and reports

The dashboard of mobile ePOD software contains information relating to real-time  KPI information, which is available at the touch of your fingertips. This information can be displayed on any device, such as mobile phones, tablets or a large TV in the office. The ePOD dashboard also displays real-time ETA information for your jobs while also notifying you if deliveries will be late or if they will be on time. The software also has a reporting feature that gives detailed information on jobs or driver performance. You can create to export all data fields, allowing you to create your reports efficiently and quickly.