Logistics software now available to Android users- Engineering News- January 2014

Logistics software solutions provider Dovetail has upgraded its Microsoft– based MobileControl solution for the Android operating system to run off Android smartphones, scanning devices and personal digital assistants (PDAs).

Business solutions director Shermandra Singh says the solution improves the estimated time of delivery functionality and allows for on-board vehicle scanning and the near-real-time tracking of the collection and delivery processes. Its built-in fleet-checking and management solution also enables the daily managementof asset and vehicle checklists.

The identity of the vehicle, its condition, roadworthiness and task compliance are uploaded onto a central reporting solution on the system’s server to monitor any discrepancies.

The system’s fleet-checking solution ensures that any asset that fails the system’s checklist and which therefore does not comply with specific required safety regulations is not used in any work operations.

“The MobileControl solution also offers job and task-management monitoring, and assigns particular tasks to assets and drivers, while also ensuring compliance among staff and assets and the performance of the job function,” he explains, adding that the system also tracks working hours and productivity.

Moreover, the system provides a centralised reporting feature with key performance indicators, as are required by each business unit.

Singh notes that the software can be loaded remotely by Dovetail, which currently has other warehouse scanning and auditing modules that operate on Android devices.

Dovetail will also launch its book on logistics software in April.

The book aims to assist companies in decision-making on logistics software and suggests ways to approach and manage projects and staff in the logistics industry.
“The book is the ultimate guide to logistics software. More than 20 years of experience have been poured into the chapters, which focus on client acquisition and retention, staffing needs, disaster recovery, dealing with failed projects, job fulfillment, a technical ecosystem, the ‘build versus buy of software solutions, change and technical directions – all pertaining to the logistics industry,” Singh states. He adds that the book will share Dovetail’s expertise in the field of logistics software and enable the industry to better grasp the ins and outs of logistics operations in relation to information technology (IT).

Further, as failed projects in the logistics IT industry is often a reality for many organizations, Dovetail is trying to deal with IT projects in-depth and share its knowledge on dealing with failed projects.

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