Largest Warehouses In The World- Will WMS Get You There?

If you own a warehouse, or you are in charge or somehow involved with warehouse management, you might sometimes wonder how people manage to organise and streamline warehouses that are as big as 50 football fields, but somehow they do.

Amazon owns one of the largest and most advanced warehouses in the world and, therefore created a list of the most advanced and largest warehouses, globally. Topping its list at number one is Boeing, which does not have a warehouse as large as 50 football fields, but actually has a warehouse as large as 80 football fields at 4.3 million square feet. Obviously that takes some serious warehouse management software to ensure an adequate and resilient supply chain.

At number two, Amazon lists the Meyer Wherft Ship Manufacturing warehouse which can host 132 miles of ships placed end to end. At number three we have Target- America’s favorite retailer. And where does this retailer store all of its goods? In a 2-million square feet warehouse.

Following behind Target is NASA’s vehicle assembly building which comprises 348 square feet.

And what About Automation?

Operating a warehouse as big as 80 football fields without any automation would be pretty tough, dangerous and probably lacking efficiency. Therefore, Amazon also listed the most advanced warehouses in the world and believe it or not, but you probably will, Amazon is ahead of the curve with regards to automation.

With all of the goods Amazon needs to collect, store, deliver, capture and all of the communication needed between the company and all of its stakeholders, warehouse management and automation software (and some pretty impressive intelligent human beings) are the key drivers behind Amazon’s success. Following Amazon on the most advanced warehousing list is Zappos- an online shoe and clothing shop based in Las Vegas. On Zappos heels is coureir giant FedEx.


What WMS is Needed to Control a Warehouse as big as 80 Football Fields?

No matter how big your warehousing environment is at the moment, there is no warehouse management software related reason why you cannot one day be as big as Boeing or Amazon. The world of IT is constantly advancing and innovation is at the top of any software providers list of responsibilities.

With regard to logistics, logistics software has come a long way to where it is today. Without adequate warehouse software solutions, companies with 300 square feet warehouses will have no way of ensuring visibility over all warehousing processes, warehouse systems, employees and machinery.

Whether you currently run or own a big or small warehouse, you should not have to worry about whether or not your logistics software will be able to accommodate growth from 50 square meters to 200 square meters. Your warehouse software system should give you the flexibility to grow with you and to offer more and more automation as you grow.

Dovetail’s WMS solution is used globally and does not need any customisation but can be configured to suit any type of warehouse along with ongoing growth and automation requirements.

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