Industries That Can Benefit from Mobile ePOD Software

The focus of many businesses has always been the customer regardless of which industry they are a part of. In order to retain customers, businesses have invested in many technologies to improve their customer service and increase their revenue. Mobile ePOD software is able to provide value for any business that implements it and we will look at the different industries that can benefit from it.


Mobile ePOD

Mobile ePOD or electronic proof of delivery is a digital format of the traditional paper delivery note or delivery order. This mobile ePOD software is installed in order to capture data digitally such as when goods are handed over from the driver to the end recipient. A signature is collected on the paper document as proof of delivery which is important for billing the customer and it proves that the customer received their delivery.



Mobile ePOD Software Benefits

Mobile ePOD software offers plenty of benefits to the industries and businesses that choose to implement it. Here are some the benefits that you can expect to see.


Reduces Paperwork

Using paper-based information comes with issues of its own such as the risk of losing or not being able to find documents, security issues, and storage problems. Using paper-based documents also does a lot of damage to the environment and it is time-consuming to make manual data entries. ePOD is able to reduce the amount of paperwork that you have and it will reduce processing of deliveries from up to 3 days to just one day at most.


Enhances Customer Communication

ePOD is able to offer better communication to the customer throughout the delivery process which will impact the quality of service that they receive. When a customer places an order, they will receive pre-delivery notifications which can be received as an email or SMS notification when their deliveries are firstly prepared. They are able to track their deliveries which will include the estimated delivery time, and tracking link which will allow them to track their orders whenever they want.

Once the delivery has been completed and they receive their package, the driver will send out their electronic bill to the customer and the office staff which offers visibility of deliveries for customers.


Offers Real-time Visibility

ePOD offers real-time updates and data that is gathered during deliveries. This data is sent out to the office staff and they will be able to see any issues that are happening sooner and come up with strategies to resolve these issues. Having access to up-to-date information about deliveries will also allow them to handle delivery delays that might occur and reallocate the delivery to another driver to avoid them and also avoid receiving negative reviews from their customers.



When using paper-based information it can be easy to miss information that is in documents because they can go missing. You might also not have enough staff to handle the manual work that comes with gathering the paper-based data and analyzing it. ePOD streamlines delivery processes which is able to improve the accuracy and efficiency of operations. This will be able to improve customer service, cash revenue and stock accuracy.



How Mobile ePOD Software Works For Each Industry


Manufacturing and Distribution Industry

This industry requires product delivery and it is the number one activity. In order to improve operations and become more efficient they need proof of delivery. ePOD is able to speed up their billing and reduce their costs. It is also able to offer full visibility of their inventory through the use of real-time data about stock levels. This allows them to know when their stock will run out and order in time or avoid having too much stock on hand.

Secondly, ePOD ensures that they meet customer expectations through the improvement in the delivery process. They are able to plan for deliveries and organize deliveries beforehand as well as contact customers directly if any issues arise.

Any improvement in delivery makes operations better. This will ensure that if any issues arise with products such as manufacturing defects, then they will be notified sooner and resolve the issues before it becomes a widespread problem.


Retail Industry

The retail industry is fast-paced and it requires technology that is able to move at the same pace. ePOD is able to improve the efficiency of operations and increase productivity. It is able to reduce the number of lost or incorrect delivery documents and customers will receive proof of goods faster.

The reduction in paper passed processes will be able to increase staff productivity as they don’t have to spend a lot of time on manual data entry this also improves delivery process accuracy.

Customers receive better service as drivers use mobile ePOD software to record customer preferences such as delivery location, customer feedback and print invoices for corrected orders on the spot.


Food Processors and Distributors

ePOD offers companies that process and deliver food products with an automated and streamlined process that ensures that those products are delivered faster. It also offers accurate tracking and tracing of products and a quicker invoicing process without any delays occurring. Customers are able to see the status of their orders which improves the service that you offer them with.


Logistics Industry

In the logistics industry, ePOD is used by agents on the field and the operators in the office. It assists drivers with successfully collecting proof of delivery at all other drop-offs for the day. The agents ensure that the customers receive information about their deliveries up to the stage that they receive it.

The staff can monitor live updates about deliveries based on real-time data which allows them to modify routes or update driver schedules if deliveries will be late. Customers receive information such as the current status of their orders which fulfills their expectations.



Mobile ePOD software offers plenty of benefits for businesses that will increase business growth and its competitive advantage. It is an investment that any business should consider, regardless of which industry it falls under.




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