How Mobile ePOD Software Improves Customer Experience

There has never been a time where delivery has been as crucial as it is now. The rise of online shopping has only solicited the importance of offering a pleasant delivery experience to customers as it can either make or break your brand. An essential tool that is beneficial in improving the delivery process is Mobile ePOD Software, and we will look at how it affects the customer’s experience.



What is Mobile ePOD Software?


Electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) is the digital version of a delivery note which is a document offered at the end of the delivery to prove that it was completed. It can also be used to make a billing. Field agents use Mobile ePOD Software to capture data regarding deliveries and confirm the success or failure of delivery-related tasks.



Mobile ePOD Software Benefits


Mobile ePOD Software can be used by organizations regardless of the industry they are part of and their business size. Below we include some of the benefits you can expect from Mobile ePOD Software.


1. Improves Service Quality

By making use of Mobile ePOD Software, it becomes easier to confirm the receipt of goods. Compared to paper dockets, Mobile ePOD Software is quicker, easier, and more professional. It allows you to have all delivery documentation, which enables carriers to provide customers with outstanding service each time. The drivers will be able to interact with customers better without the hassle of paperwork.


2. Accurate Proof of Delivery

Electronic proof of delivery offers many options regarding delivery data capturing as the business can use different electronic forms like photos, time-stamps or checkboxes. All these options provide detailed insight into what occurs during delivery, which allows you to provide your customers with accurate information.


3. Offers Real-Time Visibility

Real-time data is offered that comes from the field to the office operators. This data keeps operators in the loop about the latest delivery developments and enables them to take action if something goes wrong. The visibility offered is helpful as they can communicate with customers about any delays that might occur, which helps manage their expectations.


4. Improves Internal Communication

Mobile ePOD Software ensures that all aspects relating to the delivery process are managed on one platform. Since all management, tracking, scheduling and completion of tasks occurs here, it becomes easier to communicate internally. The drivers can receive any information they require from operators, and if drivers need to communicate with operators regarding tasks, they can do so through the messaging system.



How Mobile ePOD Software Improves Customer Experience


The service quality offered during the delivery impacts the overall customer service experience. Mobile ePOD Software ensures that the customer experience is always positive, and here are some ways to achieve that.


1. Solves Disputes Faster

Mobile ePOD Software offers electronic accounting records for all your deliveries; this makes the claims process quicker and easier. Due to records kept, you can resolve the disputes from customers regarding missing or damaged delivery faster, and the process is more organized.


2. Offers a Consistent Service for Customers Each Time

All your workers and even sub-contractors using Mobile ePOD Software ensure that all mobile processes are carried out consistently by all of them. It establishes a standard for how deliveries are to be carried out, which ensures that each and every customer has the same brand experience.


3. Ensures That You Provide a Great Service

Mobile ePOD Software offers real-time interaction with customers throughout the delivery process, and these interactions involve the current location of their order. It is also secure and automated, which ensures that there is no miscommunication about the delivery status. The visibility offered about delivery ensures that there is a decrease in customer queries; assisting  in putting the customer at ease as they are constantly in the loop.


4. Improves a Brand Image

The reduction of manual paperwork because of ePOD provides the customer with a positive impression of your brand. More and more customers are opting for businesses that aim to reduce their carbon footprint and those that support sustainable initiatives. Another benefit of not using paper is that it makes your brand and your employees look up-to-date, which falls part of giving the customer a positive impression of your brand.


5. Reduces Failed Deliveries

Failed deliveries are a common issue that occurs for companies. These failed deliveries can be frustrating for both companies and customers. The real-time updates offered by Mobile ePOD Software ensure that customers can prepare to receive their orders as they will know the exact time that they should expect it.

In the event that there is a failed delivery, then fleet managers will receive real-time alerts and notifications about the delivery. The data collected will provide fleet managers with reasons explaining why the delivery failed and offer measures to amend the issue.


6. Makes Deliveries Contactless

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted some of our habits; social distancing is one of those habits. Mobile ePOD Software ensures that social distancing is maintained through contactless deliveries. Customers can feel safer during the delivery; the carrier can collect photo proof of delivery and contactless signatures without customers being physically present. Contactless deliveries assist the drivers in verifying the customer’s details and making deliveries on time.




Here are Industries That Can Benefit from Mobile ePOD Software.