How To Get Millennials On Your Supply Chain Team

Did you know that millennials are expected to make up about 75 percent of the supply chain workforce by 2025? Employment in the logistics sector is shifting and companies are going to be expected to change their recruitment process to appeal to and attract this generation.

Businesses can be able build a work environment and experience that millennials seek for by following these simple five steps:

Highlight Company Culture

To attract millennials you will have to create a dynamic work environment. A lot of millennials want to create relationships and look for jobs that fulfill them. In order to achieve such, there needs to be workplace factors in place such as an open-door policy, flexible hours, exposure to senior leadership and opportunities to progress their careers.

Make it a point to also mention your team’s unique subculture. Whether in logistics or procurement, your team culture always has to have characteristics that set it apart from your competitors.

Give Back

Companies along with their teams should constantly present the opportunity to give back through initiatives such as matching charitable donations and team-wide volunteering events. Even offer paid time off to volunteer for causes employees are passionate about. Giving back has been found to be important to millennials. According to Deloitte, 77 percent of millennials have said that part of the reason why the decided to work for their employer had to with the company’s purpose.

Should your company be involved in corporate social responsibility programs, be sure to mention that to your candidates. Talk about the different ways they can get to give back and make a difference.

Focus On Growth

Millennials need a guarantee that if they work hard and succeed, they will be rewarded and there will be ground to take on more. They are hungry and eager to make an early impact at organizations and want to grow their careers.

When interviewing candidates, introduce them to employees who have been promoted so that they can witness directly what it takes to make it. Let the candidates know about the different ways your company measures contributions and how quickly they can get promoted. Present to them a clear picture of what their path could look like if they are part of your company.

In that discussion, also mention how they can grow within the industry too. Discuss the strategic role of the supply chain and give them labour market studies or data displaying its relevance and growth.

Have Presence On Social Media

Millennials widely interact and communicate on social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Using these channels can be another way to highlight your company and the culture it offers.

What you can do as well is share articles about your company and also post pictures of interesting office events and show off the fun things that happen in your office.

Provide Feedback

This is overlooked by many companies but is a very important aspect to follow. Begin to be transparent with candidates during the application and interview process so that they have a positive view of your organization. Millennials love to share their experiences regarding companies they interact with, whether it’s through word of mouth or online. As this is the case, don’t give them a reason to share negative feedback with others – it might not do your company’s reputation any good. For example, if you don’t hire a candidate, explain why. If there was another person was more qualified or a better cultural fit, mention that. Do not leave candidates hanging.

Master these five steps above and you will soon appeal to millennials and get to comprise of the majority of the supply chain workforce.

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Source: inboundlogistics