Driving Supply Chain Successes

Dovetail is a niche software provider to the transport and warehousing industry, and has, since inception, been selling transport and warehouse management software (WMS and TMS) to companies in South Africa and various other African states. Its services also extend to implementation and after-sales support. It has been doing all this for the past 25 years.

For a company to be in business for what is effectively a quarter of a century and continue on an upward growth trajectory, it has to be doing something right. In this case, the longevity of the business can in part be attributed to the quality of the solutions Dovetail offers.

Robust solutions and systems

Shermandra Singh, commercial director at Dovetail, explains, “Our solutions are robust and fit for purpose. They have been designed to handle complex operational processes while providing an easy-to-use end user experience.”

Dovetail’s focus is on providing logistics companies with end-to-end WMS and TMS solutions that will have a marked impact on operational efficiencies and fuel costs, and optimise supply chain logistics. Coupled with strong systems, the company has a wealth of supply chain IP – whether among the executive team or the consultants who implement and support Dovetail’s solutions on the ground. The company strives to be the best in the business in Africa when it comes to logistics software solutions and makes a concerted effort to work with like-minded clients. Commenting on Dovetail’s growth path, Singh expands, “Our future growth is linked to continually increasing our South African client base while expanding the use of our solutions across Africa. We have had immense success in various African countries over the past four years and will continue to build on this.”

A mobile, automated future

Effective supply chains underpin almost all modern commercial activity and the logistics industry is certainly in a strong position; however, in order to remain at the leading edge, businesses need to adapt to and drive the rapid evolution of mobile technologies and automation.

One of the biggest advancements with regard to tech in Africa has been the adoption of mobile technologies. And with the increasing affordability of smartphones, Africans have greater access to the internet as well as exposure to international demands, standards and trends, including automation.

Mobile technologies have made significant improvements in creating supply chain visibility and, in the logistics and transport sector, many countries in Africa are also moving towards automation. Africa is still a number of steps away from completely automating warehouses and supply chains, yet transport, courier and warehousing companies are realising the importance of automated data processes. “They are slowly but surely starting to implement logistics software solutions that can automate information processes,” adds Singh.

“With the rise of e-commerce, consumers are also increasingly using mobile technologies to buy and compare products and prices at the click of a button, further stressing the need for supply chains to become stronger, more effective and more transparent and to use mobile technologies for streamlined service delivery,” Singh asserts.

Mobile technologies help delivery companies to become more streamlined while creating a more transparent delivery process for the end consumer in the form ETAs and delivery notifications. The growing expectations of modern users and businesses make it all the more necessary for companies to keep up with tech developments.

As a leading niche software service provider that understands its clients and the sector, Dovetail Business Solutions is the perfect partner to logistics operations looking to move forward in this everchanging world.

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