Dovetail to host Multi-Tech launch in June

Logistics Software provider Dovetail Business Solutions will launch its MobileControl solution on Android, its new Container Tracking Solution (CTS) and its book titled ‘The Book on Logistics Software: A Definitive Guide for Business’ Executives’ on June 19, 2014 in Sandton, Johannesburg.

Dovetail business development director Shermandra Singh notes that the availability of the company’s MobileControl solution on Android devices aligns the company with a global move towards mobile integration, allowing organisations to conduct business anywhere, anytime.

Mobile devices have become a crucial tool for businesses as it allows for real-time viewing and availability of business data. In addition, as mobile devices are usually near their owners most of the time, it has become crucial for software providers to adapt their programs for mobile use. This makes data accessibility much more convenient and simplifies decision making processes as data sharing is instant and affordable.”

Singh explains that mobile software has allowed the&nbsp;<strong>logistics industry&nbsp;to ensure constant communication with clients regarding deliveries, thereby enabling an increase in supply chain control and fleet efficiencies.</st

MobileControl on Android</b>

Dovetail updated and adapted its MobileControl solution, released in mid-2012, to run off&nbsp;Android smartphones, scanning devices and personal digital assistants in January 2014.

The MobileControl solution improves the estimated time of delivery functionality, allows for on-board vehicle scanning, near-real-time tracking of collection and delivery processes and enables the daily management of asset and vehicle checklists owing to its built-in fleet-checking and management solution functionality.

<p>Singh asserts that the identity of fleet vehicles, their conditions, roadworthiness and task compliance are uploaded onto a central reporting solution on the mobile system’s server to monitor any inconsistencies, thereby, enabling users to ensure adherence to fleet regulations and efficiency standards.


The solution also enables job and task-management monitoring by tracking working hours and productivity and enables constant reporting according to the key performance indicators inserted by users.

Container Tracking Solution (CTS)

Dovetail started developing its Container Tracking Solution in mid-2013 and will launch the software at its Multi-Tech launch in June.

<p>The company’s web-based Container Tracking Solution (CTS) assists logistics companies in tackling the tasks of transporting, tracking and managing container functions.


“The CTS enables complete control over container processes and offers increased visibility, performance management, driver assessments, fleet management, automation, container tracking, content management and increased safety for companies that transport and host containers,” Singh explains.

<p>He adds that the CTS automatically calculates each leg of the container movement process as pre-configured rates will ensure all activities are auto-invoiced correctly and also enables complete control over sub- contractor loads.


The Book on Logistics Software

Lastly, Singh explains that the Book on Logistics Software, which will also form part of the company’s multi-tech launch in June, is the ultimate guide to conducting business in the logistics industry. More than eighty years’ worth of experience has been poured into the chapters which focuses on client acquisition and retention, staffing needs, disaster recovery, dealing with failed projects, job fulfilment, technical eco system, build vs. buy, change and technical directions&nbsp;– all pertaining to the logistics industry.

“Dovetail has been working with major logistics companies all over Africa for the past twenty years and has taken all of the knowledge and experience gained and poured it into the book, which will serve as a much needed guide to the challenges, opportunities and future that logistics software offers the logistics industry,” Singh concludes.

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