Is Africa ready for Warehouse Automation?

We love that word: Warehouse automation. You only have to look at some of the biggest warehouses in the world, such as the Coca Cola warehouse,  to know why: even though production is streamlined and thousands of products get distributed to packages and posted each day there is one thing missing from the whole picture: people. Machines actually take over the supply chain- or at least the manual part.

Warehouses that are completely automated have minimum laborers. These warehouses create a need for different kinds of workers: engineers, IT professionals and then the people at the top who look over the automated processes and make sure that everything is going as expected.

So is Africa ready for Warehouse Automation?

Automation could  never be a bad thing- mass production is only possible when a need for a product exists and thus justifies the implementation of a completely automated warehouse process. Automation allows us to see to the millions of needs that consumers have today. However, automation also requires stability and skilled professionals to operate the warehouse software that enables automation.

Africa has greatly advanced over the last few decades with a greater focus on skills and infrastructure development. Therefore, automation is slowly creeping into African industries with warehouse software and logistics software, overall, being implemented to ensure that a  move towards integration and increased visibility will enable growth.

But when comparing Africa’s warehouse industry to those of first world countries there is a big difference between the degree of automation implemented and the amount of workers present to perform  manual duties. Africa needs manual laborers. We need the employment opportunities, which result in economic growth. Coupled with that, automation and logistics software, such as transport software, are also needed to ensure that we advance with the rest of the world, up-skill our citizens to compete in global markets, ensure resilient supply chains and  meet industrial requirements.

Warehouse Automation

Streamline your Supply Chain with Warehouse Automation

Is Your Warehouse Ready For Automation?

If you own a warehouse you probably should be using logistics software which comprises automation. Transport software can greatly increase communication between your fleet and warehouse environment and warehouse software can streamline inbound and outbound processes and ensure that stock are automatically captured, deliveries are automatically updated and that all information is automatically fed into one system, giving you full visibility over your supply chain at the click of a button.

So could you be benefiting from automation? Definitely. Just realise that automation means different things for different companies. The degree of automation that will be implemented in your business will be catered to your unique requirements and operations and will aim to streamline and optimise your supply chain while giving you increased visibility and control.

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