Innovation in Logistics – What to Consider

Innovation is nothing short of miraculous, especially when it comes to the logistics and Information Technology industries. Innovation is not only amazing but absolutely necessary. Without it, where would the logistics and Information Technology industries be?

While there is still much innovation needed to ensure future growth and prosperity in the logistics and IT spheres, great strides have been made towards ensuring increased visibility, communication, integration and collaboration across supply chain channels.

Innovation is at the forefront of any business strategy as innovation sells.  It is crucial, however, to remember that it only sells when there is a need and when the solution can meet all of the surrounding requirements to meet that need.

Logistics Innovation

Logistics Innovation – Innovating IT that will allow your clients to grow

Considerations of Information Technology

Innovation is not something that has to be achieved only when starting a business but should be sustained throughout the business life cycle to ensure that clients remain competitive and dedicated to their service providers.

When innovating consider the following:

  1. Does the solution cater to both current and potential client needs and requirements?
  2. Is the solution affordable in the long term?
  3. Will the solution be suitable for your clients considering their available bandwidth?
  4. Will the solution integrate with your clients current systems or will they need to acquire new technologies?
  5. Do my clients have the necessary skills needed to operate and optimise the solution?

While the IT solution you are working on might seem promising and highly rewarding you have to consider the cost implications to both yourself and your clients during and after implementation. Also consider the updates that will need to be implemented in future to the solution to ensure that it stays on par with international trends and client demands.

Innovation is amazing and it spurts growth but it also comes with a lot of responsibility. Remember that every time you sell your client a solution, you make a promise and it is your responsibility to ensure that you live up to that promise and that you are delivering by enabling your clients to deliver.