6 Transportation And Warehouse Management Books Every Logistics Leader Should Have

It is certainly not an easy task to decide which Warehouse Management books to reference and recommend for purchase, considering that there is an extensive range of collection to pick from. Every Warehouse and Transportation book has its own advantages however today we’ll explore 6 amazing books that stand out. They are the following:

  1. Warehouse Management: A Complete Guide To Improving Efficiency And Minimizing Costs In The Modern Warehouse 2nd Edition

This is the first book to be recommended to anyone in the logistics field. It is Gwynne Richards’ best-selling text that provides a comprehensive guide for excellent preparation in warehouse operations.


The book goes into detail analysing how to operate a modern warehouse efficiently using the latest design, technology and people management. The 2nd edition involves case studies, pictures along with other materials such as PowerPoints and video links. This Warehouse Management is ideal for anyone with a profession in supply chain as it is a guide with broad references on understanding warehouse operations. It also offers a comprehensive guide on the entire facets of managing a warehouse from the higher tactical view to the lower methods. At over 400 pages, this text is the seamless guide for learners in warehouse management and it also includes numerous conceivable business for warehouse management business.


  1. World-Class Warehousing And Material Handling 1st Edition

The second book to definitely consider is “World-Class Warehousing and Material Handling” that looks at how to handle 21st century warehouse processes. It features current metrics and practices that improve the exactness and efficiency of your business. It also provides solutions to excellence and is recognized for resolving warehouse difficulties. This factor about it enables managers with direction in developing master plans for warehouses. In this book you will also come across crucial contents relating to the Frazelle Supply Chain Model.


  1. Transportation: A Global Supply Chain Perspective 8th Edition

With this book, one gains solid knowledge on what makes up an important part of global supply chains. There’s an extensive breakdown of the role and usefulness transportation provides in companies and society. An overview is also given on the operational characteristics, fee plans, and encounters confronted by recent transportation providers. This Warehouse Management book covers a working outline and basis for the part played by transportation in global supply chains with insight on a number of transportation issues. The insight highlighted also provides tactical exercise and tasks related in the transportation of services through the global supply chain. Complete emphasis is laid on transportation and how it related to global supply chain with latest topics thoroughly covered, including soft technology, in-depth talks on energy, environment, fuel and managerial economics.


  1. Faculties Planning 4th Edition

This would be the perfect book for engineers as they get to explore and learn the most recent rules of planning facilities. This edition remains in the usual tradition of its predecessors in directing engineers over methods to use with every step. It shows how data is useful by combining newer case studies and adding a global view. A number of the subdivisions have been updated to concentrate on the important areas. All of which are designed to assist the engineers approach facilities planning with more creative and precise ideas. The overall concept of the Faculties Planning 4th Edition is brilliant and encompasses concepts and methods that are straight forward. The content is well explained and assists in covering implementation of any facility planning.


  1. Warehousing Management With SAP ERP (SAP WM): Functionality and Technical Configuration (3rd Edition)

The right Warehouse Management book when you are leaning to modify, use functionalities or innovative technologies for warehouse management. It covers everything from picking tactics to stock organization. It allows you to comprehend the fundamentals of warehouse management, the arrangement details needed to enhance your SAP WM implementation and the advanced areas in Functionality and Technical Configuration. SAP users will find this book useful as it has covered the whole topic in great detail. They will appreciate it as it is on important topics relevant to WM reports that will help them improve their skills. This text is more on personal learning and R&D is always obligatory to utilize full functionality of any SAP component. Additional topics and the last chapters then focus on the actual ideas instead of a few real cases. This complete guide to SAP WM in SAP ERP makes it possible to maintain an effective Warehouse Management implementation.


  1. The Warehouse Management Handbook

Finally, this one Warehouse Management book is highly recommended to anyone who needs reference to the technical processes of warehousing. This text provides 39 key and leading-edge parts with each well written by various experts in warehouse management. It is the most comprehensive guide in terms of warehouse management and provides information on how to improve WM performance. Special features include an all-inclusive directory and two case studies. The Warehouse Management Handbook, 2nd Edition is the standard for warehouse management reference, and is an ideal text for warehouse management.


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