6 Priorities Warehouse Management Software Addresses

Implementing Warehouse Management Software (WMS) can be beneficial for any logistics company. WMS consists of many capabilities such as wireless picking and receiving, an integration platform, voice picking and so much more. It offers your business a greater competitive advantage and improves the quality of your service.


The Importance of WMS


Warehouse Management Software is a software system that assists with the management and execution of warehouse day-to-day operations. It is able to offer full visibility into the business’ inventory and its supply chain operations. Below are the reasons why it is important to implement WMS for your warehouse.


1. Receiving and Shipping

Receiving and shipping functions are an integral part of logistic warehousing and through the usage of software programs, the process becomes a lot simpler. The software easily identifies and sorts out received items, electronically records this data, and then transfers the data to the ERP database. This reduces the errors that are made through manual data entries regarding the pick and purchase delays.


2. Inventory Control and Management

WMS allows you to better manage your inventory in a manner that is fast, efficient, and easy. The accuracy of inventory improves as there is a decrease in the order’s cycle time which further improves the fulfillment of orders.

Through real-time tracking you are able to track your inventory and make any amendments to orders, allowing you to offer a better service to your clients.


3. Voice Picking

Voice picking is a warehouse operations system that workers use in order to receive work instructions in a wireless device that integrates with Warehouse Management Software through a WiFi network. Through voice-directed picking applications, pickers are able to arrive at the right picking location and pick the right number of items.

Voice picking increases employee productivity as employees are able to grab, lift, and move items efficiently. It also improves accuracy as employees do not have to check at terminal screens if they have the right information.


4. Labour Management

Warehouse Management Software provides managers with ways to better manage employees through the real-time data that it obtains regarding employee performance and efficiency. This makes it easier for managers of logistics companies to create incentive programs that can further improve employee productivity and reduce the need for extra workers.


5. Integration Platform

Your WMS data should be integrated with your ERP as it is then able to ensure accuracy and real-time data tracking throughout your organization. Information regarding the warehouse operations is easily stored on a single platform and staff members from other departments are able to access it as well.


6. Paperless Inventory Documentation

Warehouse Management Software contains automated processing which takes away the need for paper-based documents. WMS also offers a more accessible feature for warehouse employees that make warehouse transfers quicker. You are better able to view all your inventory processes and all the data and information you need to do your job is easy to access.


Köerber Warehouse Management Software

The Köerber (formerly HighJump) Warehouse Management Software system offers automation and software solutions that assists businesses gain better control of their supply chain including warehouse, distribution center, and e-commerce. Köerber offers a large range of technologies and provides complete system integration which is able to increase your business’ revenue as well as your efficiency. Köerber Warehouse Management Software range of solutions include:


  • Supply Chain Software This software suite offers an improvement in efficiencies, maximizes space and increases productivity both in and out of the warehouse, such as with transport management and proof of delivery. 
  • Automation Solutions  The solutions are able to minimize costs, heighten demands and implement improvements throughout your supply chain. You can acquire knowledge through data analysis and technology agnostic-solutions as well as resources to become more competitive. 
  • Voice, Vision and Mobility  These leading auto-ID solutions allow workers to become more mobile. They reduce errors as they receive step-to-step instructions making it easy to increase productivity and reduce costs. 
  • Robotics  Köerber offers a range of robotics tailored to each customer’s needs, which improve warehouse performance through autonomous mobile robots (AMRs).


  • Materials Handling  A full range of material handling equipment custom-built for your organization which reduces your dependence on manual labour and makes supply chain processes a lot more transparent and efficient. 
  • Software Consulting  Köerber has key industry experience and offers solutions, strategies and resources to transform your supply chain with minimal disruptions.




Dovetail offers the Köerber Warehouse Management Software system that includes solutions and expertise like robotics, voice, materials handling and automation all from a single provider. This allows you to gain full control of your supply chain, meet your customers’ expectations and address all your WMS priorities.




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