5 Leading Courier Software Benefits

In the courier industry, there have been many technological advancements that have been introduced in the past few years. A continued rise in the on-demand economy has changed the way deliveries have been made. It has become crucial that courier companies offer great value to their customers as they demand versatility, quality and speed. Courier software is necessary as it ensures that they can sustain their relationship with their customers while also attracting new ones.

Courier software, also known as courier management software, is a courier system that enables courier companies to manage the processing and delivery of the parcels and packages they handle from their depot or transport hub until they reach the end customer. Courier software also assists businesses in automating the processes involved in running a transportation company and tracking the delivery of packages and parcels throughout every step of the delivery journey.

Managing a courier company can be time-consuming and complicated, so it is crucial to gain help from a sophisticated courier software solution. With courier software, businesses will be able to book new deliveries, track delivery, improve driver scheduling, optimise routes, and track vehicles using GPS. The software solution assists transport companies with the shipment of their packages. The software automates the shipment process faster from their depot to when the parcels are transported to the end customer. Courier software ensures that all the processes involved in managing a transport company become more profitable and efficient.

Courier software becomes a necessity as your courier company continues developing and growing. It will enable you to achieve more significant growth and customise your software based on your specific business requirements. Some courier software solutions can be integrated with your accounting software and customer relationship management system. It can also be used on the mobile devices or tablets that your drivers operate in the field.


Courier software benefits

When businesses use courier software, it will make it easier for them to manage and optimise all the steps involved when sending a package from the warehouse until it is in the customer’s arms. Below are some of the benefits the software will bring to the table.


1.    Greater efficiency

Courier software assists businesses with ensuring that they operate more efficiently and consistently deliver their packages either before or on the estimated delivery date. Unlike some delivery applications, courier software enables businesses to plan and generate multi-stop and complex routes, accounting for the number of stops, driver availability and other factors. Courier software will then eliminate the common mistakes when planning routes manually. It also ensures that drivers arrive at their intended destinations on time.


2.    Reduced costs

Courier software includes route management features that optimise routes to reduce fuel costs due to increased efficiency. The software provides drivers with turn-by-turn directions and digital proof of delivery which speeds up shipments and the time involved to record successful delivery and sync back with the home system.

Route management also reduces driver overtime, and auto-dispatch ensures that drivers dispatch the correct orders at the right time. Your dispatch team will also be able to respond to any changes that might occur in real-time, enabling drivers to adapt to circumstances that might arise without adding more time to their route.

Since the business will mainly use automation, it will reduce the potential for human errors, saving companies from expenses related to replacement orders, rework, and wasted fuel.

Beyond being quick, electronic proof of delivery eliminates paperwork and contributes to more accurate delivery records. When companies use less paperwork, it will also lead to less physical storage space in their offices and less time sending out delivery confirmations.


3.    Better customer experience

Courier software assists businesses in improving customer experience due to features such as predictive ETAs, real-time tracking and driver chat. These features ensure that customers are always in the loop about when their packages will arrive. The software’s built-in customer communication tools enable customers to text or call their drivers or the dispatch centres if they need to get in touch. Some software solutions allow customers to choose to receive automated delivery updates or proactively check the delivery status on the web, ensuring that you cater to your customers’ preferences.

Additionally, courier software includes built-in feedback capture and analytics, which assists businesses in improving their delivery experience by focusing on the touchpoints which require attention.


4.    Actionable data

With the help of courier software, businesses will gain actionable data presented in a manner that is easy to understand. The generated data can be put to good use. Companies who use the software will also monitor the team and individual performance based on the key metrics, such as distance travelled, on-time rate or feedback scores. The vehicle GPS tracking assists businesses in seeing driver activities in real-time to understand how fast their drivers are and whether they are sticking to their designated routes.

Businesses can also track their team’s performance over time or see how their scores change by the time of day or for each driver. They can sync their courier software solution to their CRM to understand better the link between their delivery KPIs, revenue, and loyalty. By gaining data on these processes, managers will also be able to assign the right resources at the perfect time.


5.    Quicker invoicing

Research shows that businesses will experience significant financial benefits by eliminating invoicing delays. When invoices are sent out within a week of work completion, they will likely be paid on average in less than five days. Therefore, by invoicing at the point of delivery, you will also speed up your business’ revenue cycle.



Courier software is essential for every courier company as it optimises delivery operations in a cost-controlled manner. When looking for the right courier software solution for your business, ensure that it is easily customisable to meet your business requirements.