4 Reasons To Consider Parcel Sorting Automation

Making use of Automation for parcel sorting is beneficial for both shippers, and consumers. The fast rise in E-commerce has been generally embraced by consumers- which is an advantage for retailers.

Due to the rise of e-commerce, companies who deliver parcels now face the issue of speed- customers now expect for shipments to be delivered faster than before. To address this issue, many shippers have turned to a  traditional solution- to employ more staff for parcel sorting- which may not be a good long-term solution. Automation is the better long-term solution.

Why you should choose automation:

  1. Accurate Results

Mistakes can be easily made during a manual-sorting process, packages may be labelled wrong-this will affect packages being delivered on time and will ultimately lead to customer dissatisfaction. Making use of automation parcel sorting guarantees constant accurate results.

  1. Traceability or Data Tracking

There will be a decrease in requests about missing packages- if customers want to they can always keep track of where exactly their packages are. Data can be collected regarding the time-frame within a package(s) is fetched from one place and delivered to the next- this will give an indication of operational efficiency and how to improve.

  1. Improved Operations and Efficiency

With automation, an increasing load of parcels can be packaged at a faster pace. Tools used to track returns or inbound shipments can be utilized- this will help with streamline operations. The data collected from keeping record of (or tracing packages) can be utilized alongside with analytics software to better the operations process. With the ability to know where packages are, shippers can always have an idea of the staffing and equipment needed. Better efficiency can also be achieved through incorporating other business systems, such as systems to purchase orders.

  1. Save Money

Time is money’ is a phrase you’ve probably heard many times- well, it is indeed. Utilizing automation will reduce costs through automating tasks of reading, weighing, labeling and sorting parcels. Automation will also reduce the labor cost as well as cost per mail piece.

Embracing Automation

Embracing automation does not mean replacing all existing systems-  the transitioning can be approached in a strategic manner. Companies are now moving away from the ‘hub-and-spoke models’ and a good place to begin is choosing to automate parcel sorting at local and regional distribution centers. In the past, the volumes at such centers may not have justified automation, however with the rise of e-commerce it wise to take advantage of what automation offers.



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