What Should a 3PL Software Provider Offer You?

Are you currently looking for a 3PL software solution? It is extremely important that you ask the right questions from potential 3PL software providers to ensure that the solution you choose will see to all of your operational, integration and client requirements.

3PL software providers should be chosen based on their solution offering coupled with the level of dedication provided  to their clients and their willingness to ensure future product integration with industry and global trends as well as a commitment to ensuring that all businesses managed remain competitive.

Further,  the software solution you choose should be dynamic and grow along with your business while catering to your unique, expanding and growing requirements.

Important Questions to Ask When Choosing a 3PL Software  Provider:

1. What does the solution comprise: to which supply chain segments will it cater?

2. How will this solution ensure competitiveness for my business?

3, How will this 3PL solution cater to expansion in my business?

4. What will the implementation and licensing fees be?

5. What kind of support will be offered after software implementation?

6. How is constant communication and visibility between a company and the 3PL solution provider ensured?

7. Does your company ensure constant evolvement of its software solutions to meet global developments and requirements?

What Should 3PL Software Offer You?

  • Warehouse Management
  • Cloud-Managed Services
  • Billing Management
  • Customer Visibility
  • Document Management
  • Supply Chain Intelligence
  • Fleet and Transportation Management
  • Shipping
  • Trading Partner Integration

The Future of 3PL

Cerasis.com notes that a greater consumer demand for 24/7 service and reduced costs coupled with growth and change in the development and use of mobile technologies as well as a greater focus on smart working practice developments stresses the need for a bigger focus on efficiency and accuracy for successful 3PL providers in future.

5 of 10 Predictions for Third Party Logistics in 2020

1. More Collaboration Between Shippers and Third Party Logistics Companies
2. The Rise of Mobile Applications
3. Smarter and More Dedicated Technology from Third Party Logistics
4. The Harnessing of Big Data and Information Sharing
5. The Globalization of the Economy