Trends In Trucking – A Glimpse Into The Future Of Fleet Management

Fleet management is a unique animal that is constantly on the move and there is a need to keep in step with the changing trends in the industry. The aim is to strike a delicate balance between cost and impact on efficiency. What are some of these trends and how are they changing the face of fleet management?

Customized Solutions

When it comes to fleet management systems one size does not fit all and so the trend is moving towards a more customised approach. Adaptable, more focused solutions are being implemented that handle just battery management or just operator checklists or solutions that only monitor operator behaviour for example.

Communication and Collaboration

Warehousing organisations have realised the difference teamwork can make in a fleet management system, after all these systems don’t work by themselves – collaboration and effective communication throughout the supply chain is vital. Building partnerships between the OEM, service provider and customer is geared towards working together rather than having competing interests, which are costly in the long term.

System Integration

Fleet systems are becoming increasingly more connected to other business processes. Warehouse management systems can be integrated with fleet solutions for full visibility so that data flows freely at every point in the chain. This unified information can be used to drive processes, establish checks and balances and give insights into opportunities for improvements.

While we continue to strive for productivity perfection within the warehouse, the integration of effective systems and the use of new technologies are already greatly impacting the efficiency of the fleet management industry.

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