When to Invest in Supply Chain Management Software

If you are encountering any of these 5 warning signals, you should look at investing in supply chain management software.


Supply Chain Management Software

No matter your business size or how long you have been operating, if there are faults in your supply chain management system then you are going to lose out to more efficient competitors at some point. Advanced supply chain management software now on the market is the best option available to cut unnecessary losses, boost productivity and meet customers’ needs and demands ahead of time.


The importance of a solid supply chain management system

Signals to look out for:

Unfortunately businesses often realise too late that their processes and systems aren’t as slick as they ought to be. The indication could be unhappy customers, late deliveries, incorrect deliveries or high costs. We have researched what warning signals you should look out for and when it’s time too seriously consider upgrading your supply chain system. If you are experiencing any of the logistical nightmares listed below, then it’s time to invest in or upgrade your supply chain management software.

1. You’re not keeping ahead of customer’s needs

Businesses are constantly evolving and with the ever-increasing technological options on the market, it is essential that you keep one step ahead of the game. Although it’s impossible to foresee every future need, the installation of supply chain management software will give your organisation the edge, allowing you to anticipate your customers’ needs before they arise. Simply catering to current demands isn’t enough, customers are looking for ways to advance their businesses to stay ahead of the game with quality software.

2. Gaps are emerging in your supply chain

If errors are constantly arising because of breakdowns in your supply chain management, then it is time to invest in quality supply chain management software. This will provide you with increased visibility and control, effortlessly picking up where the gaps are emerging and bridging these to ensure a smooth flow. Track all orders from the initial placement through to delivery and know exactly what’s happening at each step. Issues such as late deliveries because of transportation management breakdowns or accounting errors caused by mismatching shipping and receiving numbers will force customers to look elsewhere.

3. Inefficiency is costing you

At the end of the day, businesses need to be financially viable and constantly growing in efficiency and profit. A weak supply chain management system which lacks efficiency can end up costing you in a number of ways such as time spent on fixing errors or even lost business. For those in warehousing, efficiency in storage, collection and transportation of items can drastically reduce costs. With the installation of supply chain management software, efficiency would increase, thereby pushing up profits.

4. Your labour costs are increasing

Labour is often an organisation’s biggest expense and keeping these costs under control is an ongoing battle. If you find your labour costs are rising beyond standard levels, this is usually an indicator that a more streamlined approach to supply chain management needs to be implemented, ideally through the use of supply chain management software technology. Although cutting costs through terminations and temporary layoffs is an immediate solution this will result in a reduction of service in the long run.

5. You’re losing out by wasting space

If your business involves storage, then efficient use of warehousing space is one of the quickest ways you can maximise profits. By introducing the correct supply chain management software, your inventory, delivery and data systems will be automatically streamlined, thereby decreasing mistakes, increasing efficiency and cutting losses down by at least 25%. By adjusting one aspect of your business, everything will fit into place with smooth progression from start to finish.

In conclusion

The logistics business is tough and the person responsible for managing the supply chain will most certainly need to keep their finger on the pulse. It is therefore vitally important to partner with a supply chain software company that understands your business and has the ability to ease the pressure and not create more.

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