Mobile Devices Increasingly Used To View Business Data

Mobile devices have become a crucial tool for businesses as it allows for real-time viewing and availability of business data. In addition, as mobile devices are usually near their owners most of the time, it has become crucial for software providers to adapt their programmes for mobile use. This makes data accessibility much more convenient and simplifies decision making processes as data sharing is instant and affordable.

Dovetail Business Solutions has also taken hold of the opportunities that mobile devices offer businesses. To ensure that our clients have instant access to information as well as user-friendly devices we are now making our mobile software solution available on Android devices.

Mobile software has allowed the logistics industry to ensure constant communication with clients regarding deliveries, thereby enabling an increase in supply chain control and efficiencies.

Owing to the fast pace at which business takes place, constant changes in consumer demands and needs, and the ability offered by the world wide web to make instant decisions and communicate those to relevant stakeholders, people prefer to have constant access to business data to keep up with the times and ensure fast decision making processes.

Mobile Software allows greater control and visibility over supply chains and has changed the way warehouse software and transport software operates by adding increased visibility, reporting and decision making capabilities. To have this information on your side or in your pocket is a big gain for businesses.

Engineering News reports that Tablet devices and smartphones can display the increasingly common visual representations of business data, which also enables the selection of subsets of the information to gain more detail.

“The intuitiveness and fluidity of the visual representations of business data drive their use at all levels and enables all levels of management to use the same report to view the data relevant to their divisions. All inputs from the divisions can then be integrated into a single platform for the entire company, making visual representations powerful reporting tools for companies,” the publication reports.