Maximising Warehouse Efficiency – Warehouse Management Systems That Work

Is your warehouse working at optimal efficiency or are there ways to improve production timeframes? It is advisable regularly evaluate your current warehousing systems to see where improvements can be made. Here are some key areas to consider:

Space planning

Strategically assess the space you have available and type of stock you carry. Feasibility studies into rearranging the design and layout of the warehouse can often be helpful. Consider ways you could better utilise vertical space and look at alternatives to the shelving solution you are currently implementing.

Warehouse management systems

Choosing the right Warehouse Management System could revolutionise efficiency within your warehouse. These systems typically comprise accounting software, inventory systems and track and trace technology. Depending on your particular needs, assess whether a Warehouse Control System or a Warehouse Management System or even both, could be the key to optimising your warehouse.

Efficient packing

In warehouses with a pick and pack approach, too many packaging options can cause employee hesitation, slowing down packing time. Standardising the packaging types and reducing packaging options, speeds up packing time. Distribution costs can also be reduced when using the same packaging as it is easier to calculate shipping costs of the same size item.


Automated volume measuring makes recording the volume of your stock a significantly more efficient process. These systems use laser technology to scan each item, accurately recording its height, width and length from various angles. Many automated systems are compatible with conveyers and cross-belt sorters and some can even detect defects in the parcel before despatch to the customer. Consider investing in pick and pack automation which can substantially speed up the production process and reduce human error.

Latest warehousing technology

Warehousing technology has shown incredible advancement in recent times and is likely to continue to do so in the future. Constantly be on the look out for new developments that may improve efficiency of your particular procedures. Some examples include Pick-to-Light systems, barcoding advancements and voice-activated technology.

When it comes to warehousing operational efficiency, the use of the correct tools is the key to success!

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