Implementing a WMS equals increased profitability

One of the biggest challenges currently faced by warehouses is cost control. In light of the current economic conditions, unnecessary spending needs to be eliminated and warehouses need to ensure increased profitability by using warehouse software smartly and implementing the right WMS systems.

Reduction in Inventory Levels

When using a WMS systems that gives you increased visibility across warehouse stock levels, the need for safety stock can be reduced which leads to cost savings. Warehouse software will allow you to accurately control product consumption levels, get accurate figures and adjust warehouse processes accordingly.

Decrease in Manual Labor Needed

A warehouse software management system will enable you to automate many processes, such as administration, stock taking and record keeping. In addition, a warehouse management system reports transactions in real time, thereby, allowing you increased visibility and production.

Inventory Control

Owing to a decrease in safety stock, warehouses can be optimised for efficiency. More shelf life enables better stocking of products and increases warehouse safety as shelves are not cramped and warehouse floor spaces are safely organised. As all product information is available on the warehouse management system,  work hours are also used more efficiently.

Data Management

By implementing a warehouse software system which will ensure accurate data reflections, adequate data management and an increase in data automation, data management will be optimised and less errors will be slipping through the cracks, which, in turn, will allow more time for ensuring adequate customer service.

Increase in Efficiency

The main benefit of implementing a warehouse software system to assist in managing warehouse processes is the increase in efficiency it will allow. A WMS offers reduced paper usage, reduced debtors days, reduced manual labour, automated warehouse processes, such as invoicing, POD’s and streamlined order and shipment processes.

The right WMS could greatly increase profitability for your business as it reduces the risk of errors and increases efficiencies and customer satisfaction.