The Impact of Technology on Transport Management

Imagine what the world was like without technology. More importantly, imagine what the logistics industry was like without technology. How long did it take to deliver a parcel by foot or horse and how fast were critical products delivered to a destination without airplanes?

With each new logistical technological invention, the industry is able to add another alternative to its options of transport. Intermodulism has enabled the logistics industry to combine transport for more affordable alternatives.

As technology advances and consumers become more demanding, the transport industry needs to ensure that users requirements are met through the deployment of transport management software technologies. Logistics software improvements ensure that country’s develop by enabling easy transportation for citizens.

Why is Logistics Software Advancement Crucial?

Recent improvements in South Africa include the Gautrain as well as the Metro Bus Tag System. The Gautrain transport between 38 000 and 40 000 passengers a day and even though government needs 110 000 passengers a day to ensure a sustainable system, about 40 000 people now have the option to take a train instead of sitting in traffic and footing the bill for continuous petrol increases.

Without adequate public transportation, country’s cannot develop to their full potential as citizens do not have the means to look for or get to their place of employment. Basically, in the absence of public transport, the majority of a developing country’s citizens cannot partake in the economy.

The Pillar of South Africa’s Public Transport Industry

A big portion of South Africa’s public uses minibus taxis for transportation. This forms a critical part of ensuring that South Africans can empower themselves by getting to and from educational institutes and places of employment.

To ensure continuous growth, the safety of its citizens and a sustainable transport system, the South African government implemented the taxi recapitalisation programme.

Worldwide, countries rely on the advent of new transport software technologies to ensure that economies keep growing and logistics management is crucial to ensuring that new developments can be maintained. Technology has a critical impact on transport management. Without new logistics software technologies, the increase in economic participants cannot be supported or sustained.