How much is a day’s work worth to your company?

Owing to the importance of data recovery, Dovetail has added its Disaster Recovery solution as a service to its solution suite and aims to launch this service in October.

The DR solution serves as an insurance policy to customers- should a client’s server crash they will have a backup server on Dovetail’s premises, thereby, saving them time and costs.

“The DR Service guards against the loss of data during critical times,” explains Dovetail technical manager Francois van Rensburg. “How much is a day’s work worth to your company?” he questions.

Owing to unforeseen circumstances data systems can crash, affecting not only companies, but their clients as well. “Technology breaks. It happens. Therefore, companies need to ensure themselves against it,” van Rensburg warns.

Every company runs a risk of losing data. While the loss of data is costly for all parties concerned, warehouse clients are hit harder as they will have to recompile stock takes and transport companies will have to recapture orders.

In addition, the time it takes for a server to be reinstated will cause more time losses and can cost some companies millions. While companies do realise the value of their data, many only realise the true cost of losing data when data loss occurs. There is not enough emphasis in the industry on data backup, van Rensburg emphasises.

He stresses that daily backups do not provide enough protection to companies, as those backups are drawn from a server only once a day. Should the server crash, a substantial amount of work will still be lost.

“Therefore, a data recovery system, which offers up to the minute replication is crucial for every company. Clients can customise the solution to suit their business preferences and needs,” he explains.

Dovetail’s DR solution can be hosted offsite at Dovetail’s facilities or onsite at a client’s premises. However, van Rensburg stresses that hosting a DR solution offsite gives a client added insurance as the system is protected in two separate locations.

He notes that Dovetail aims to launch its DR Service towards the end of October and emphasizes that Data recovery is crucial to ensure adequate risk management.