How eCommerce Delivery Helps Manage Peak Delivery Periods

In the fast-paced world we live in where we can order everything online from eCommerce sites, we also expect to receive our packages quickly. When there are higher volumes of orders, it can be challenging to manage all these orders. Thankfully, there are solutions that businesses can utilise to ensure that they meet demand during peak delivery periods.

eCommerce delivery software is a solution that assists businesses in streamlining picking, packing, processing and the delivery of packages. The process becomes more efficient for both the receiver and the sender as the time between when the package is sent and when customers receive it is crucial. eCommerce delivery software not only assists in not only tracking packages from the time orders have been placed, but you will be able to track them during transit.

eCommerce delivery software is also beneficial for the businesses who choose to implement it as it eliminates the common challenges that occur in the delivery of packages, such as when packages are misplaced, and customers lay complaints. During peak periods, eCommerce delivery software can assist businesses to manage demand better through the following ways.

Streamlining processes and automating workflow

Modern-day eCommerce delivery software will assist the businesses who use it to cut down the steps usually included when using manual processes as it automates the workflow. The software can automate workflow as it integrates the mobile extensions of delivery management solutions, enabling the business to eliminate the common issues they might experience. By eliminating the problems the business experiences because of manual processes, they can streamline the management processes. The eCommerce delivery software also includes an app with a centralised system enabling the business to increase visibility for their team while conducting their daily operations.

Gain real-time location of drivers for tracking

While drivers are in transit, it can be challenging for the admin to monitor the driver’s activities. However, ecommerce delivery software assists in resolving this issue as it gains real-time information of the drivers using a GPS and other features, such as accelerometer and distance proximity. The information admin will have access to includes the distance the drivers have travelled and the time they took for the deliveries. Another benefit of the feature is that the displayed information cannot be manipulated, enabling you to track each driver’s performance.

Communication with drivers

It is common for issues to occur during the delivery process, which is why it is crucial to have the ability to communicate with drivers. The workflow automation of eCommerce delivery software assists in enhancing communication between all the people involved in the delivery process. Therefore, if customers were to call to notify the driver of something, you would communicate directly with the driver. The app allows you to immediately pass information to the driver if you need to assign tasks, eliminating the middle person. When drivers have deliveries, they will know where exactly they should deliver the package without writing down addresses or relying on word of mouth. The information needed for deliveries will be displayed on the mobile app, which drivers will receive as a push notification.

Optimise delivery routes

When drivers are on the road, many challenges could occur that lead to delays. Luckily, ecommerce delivery software provides powerful algorithms that offer suggested routes that you can take based on the available drivers, traffic conditions, and location proximity. These routes are displayed on the GPS map when drivers are on the road, and both the drivers and admin will have access to the routes as the information is displayed on the delivery software dashboard. Being able to choose better routes allows drivers to make more deliveries in less time which assists in meeting business objectives.

Manage orders efficiently

During the peak season, the business will receive higher orders, and it can be challenging to manage all these orders. Using eCommerce delivery software can assist the companies who use it in improving order management as they will have end to end visibility of their delivery operations. The delivery team can use the software’s interface to schedule pickups and deliveries to assign tasks to drivers. The software also contains features that will allow businesses to track delays that could occur when there are on-demand orders and schedule orders.

Generate insightful analytics

The key to improving performance as a business is learning from past mistakes, so they need to track their performance and discover loopholes to enhance their performance. eCommerce delivery software contains the business’s historical data, including information on customers, drivers, and orders displayed in easy-to-grasp visuals. The information shown is easy to track, making it easy to identify patterns and trends that enable the business to make better decisions. Tracking performance is essential during the peak seasons as it allows the company to manage orders better and improve its operations.