How A Transport Management System Enhances Customer Experience

There has been an influx of several management systems over the years, and companies all over the world have been rapidly adopting these technologies for several reasons. The benefits are manifold, and the user experience has been very enriching. One of the most trending management systems used currently by a lot of companies is the Transport Management System. There have been worldwide reviews about the system being great to use and helping many companies conduct business every second of the day.

One surprisingly great benefit that has come out of using it is actually from the customer side. Adopting these Transport Management Systems has proven to enhance the customer experience. Customers find it very easy to conduct business with companies using a Transport Management System and have also almost always come back to buy from them again. A Transport Management System helps companies worldwide to retain their customers.


What is Transport Management System?

A logistics platform that helps companies plan, execute, and optimize the movement and delivery of goods, materials, or orders with proper customs, tariffs, and compliance regulations adherence is referred to as a Transport Management System.


Benefits of Transport Management System

Before getting into detail how a Transport Management System is enhancing customer experience, let us first have a quick look at the benefits of it.

  • Planning and executing processes become integrated.
  • The paperwork involved becomes minimal.
  • Inventory management, real-time shipment tracking becomes easy.
  • 100% transparency at every step of the supply chain.
  • Enables tracking of live positions of drivers.
  • Proper compliance with import and export regulations.


Now, let us take a detailed look into how a Transport Management System enhances customer experience.


Delivery is lightning fast and customizable

Since a Transport Management System eliminates several processes and does them on its own, human check on these processes are not needed. Orders are processed, packed, and shipped faster – reaching customers at a lightning-fast speed. With Amazon and other big companies offering one-day delivery and free shipping, the need for Transport Management Systems is ever increasing because they can truly help businesses fulfil orders in a matter of a few hours.

What is more interesting is that the delivery of orders has now become customizable. Customers can choose what timings they would like the order to be delivered and if they would want someone else to take the delivery. With such ease and convenience placed at the hands of the customer, it truly enhances customer experience and makes them love your company just a little bit more.


Last minute order changes are made possible

Today’s buyers are highly volatile. They make quick purchases and wish to make changes to their orders equally quickly. Previously, these last-minute changes were not possible since it would take the business a lot of time to go back and change every detail on the paperwork and then ship the new order. Even if they made it possible, it would take them a lot of time and human effort; forcing them to charge the customers an extra cost to do so.

However, with Transport Management Systems in place, making last-minute changes to orders is made very easy and without any extra cost. Since no paperwork needs to be changed in between and the changes can be made directly by the customer from their online account, the same changes reflect on the Transport Management System in a matter of quick seconds. This truly places a lot of convenience with the customers, which they love, thus allowing them to have a great customer experience.


Order fulfilment is precise, accurate, and on time

Orders get delayed, and orders get lost. But what really frustrates a customer is when they receive the wrong order. This is why Transport Management Systems have become essential for any manufacturer, distributor, e-commerce business, or retail business. They need to make sure that the order they are shipping to a customer is correct and accurate and is received by them on time without any delays.

A Transport Management System helps businesses accurately plan the driving routes and delivery timings – allowing you to serve your customers without any unwanted delays. They also make sure that the items a customer placed go accurately into the packaging and not something else. Packers receive the item code and other details on their devices without any errors, thus making sure that order fulfilment is always top-notch.


Reverse logistics or picking up exchanges or returns are made simple

Previously, if you ordered an item from a business and got the wrong item, were dissatisfied with your purchase, wasn’t the right size or came in broken, exchanging or returning these items was a lengthy and cumbersome process. Businesses did not have the provision to pick up these items to exchange or return, and the customers had to do it themselves to get the right item or get their money back. However, Transport Management Systems make it very easy for picking up exchanges and/or returns – having reverse logistics conducted.

Customers can request for an exchange or return at the click of a button, and the Transport Management System effectively schedules the pick-up for the same. Customers can even choose time slots for the pick-up, thus making the whole process very easy. The refund for the returned item is automatically initiated into the source account of the customer after quality check, and the delivery for the exchanged item is scheduled very easily in the same manner. With this level of automation and ease delivered to customers, the customer experience truly reaches a glorious peak.



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