Freight Software- Why You Can’t Live Without It

Freight Software

The proportion of commercial freight tonnage transported by road in South Africa has steadily increased over the last ten years to approximately 89% today- This statement reflect the growing needs of South Africans as the population and economy of the country continue to grow.

Going hand in hand with economic growth is the demand and requirement for more public and private service delivery. Therefore, courier and transport companies are facing increased demands to ensure that product reach distributors and retailers within the specified time frames so they can see to growing demands from consumers.

In addition, digitisation and consumerism have also caused the concept of on-time delivery to take on a more literal meaning and consumers can now actually track whether a delivery is really on time. In addition, when ordering goods online, consumers expect an estimated time of delivery from the retailer and will hold them to it.

Are Local Challenges Standing in Our Way?

As the bulk of South Africa’s goods are transported by road, many challenges make it hard for courier and transport companies toe ensure timeous deliveries. Distribution channels are faced with increasing pressure to ensure efficient supply chains. Labour challenges also pose a threat to the realisation of efficient supply chains as strikes and demands for increased wages place more pressure on the logistics industry.

The Answer?

Logistics software will. forever, play a crucial role in the realisation of efficient supply chains. While certain challenges, such as labour strikes and costs, will only be managed with the realisation of economic growth, logistics software spurs economic growth by enabling logistics providers to manage, implement and maintain logistics infrastructure.

With the realisation of increased transport channels, such as rial and container, the burden on South Africa’s roads will be reduced, thereby enabling transport and freight companies to use the modes of transport most suitable to their products, delivery destinations and end clients.

How is Freight Software Currently Helping?

Courier software developers aim to take current challenges and develop solutions which can assist logistics provider in working around them. While the heavy usage of South Africa’s roads cannot be fixed by implementing a freight software solution it can be managed and monitored and software systems can help monitor and manage the implementation of road infrastructure to tackle the current shortage.

Logistics service providers need freight software solutions to ensure adequate management of distribution channels. By choosing a local freight software developer, transport providers can collaborate with local vendors to ensure that the software is catered to their specific services and challenges.

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Freight Software- Why You Can’t Live Without It

Freight Software- Why You Can’t Live Without It