How does IT drive the logistics and warehousing industries?

It is hard to imagine a time where computers and the internet were not available. Those times where people piled into libraries to do assignments, gather information and make photocopies  of books to actually take the information home. Thanks to the development of Information Technology (IT), so much has changed in so little time.

With most developments that we see in the logistics industry today, IT is playing a considerable role in development, maintenance and growth. Without IT, warehouse software would not be available and warehouses would not enjoy the level of optimisation, integration and efficiency that warehouse software has brought into the industry.

In addition, automation has played a considerable role in industries across the world, allowing mass production, increased safety and decreased physical labor across organisations, such as factories and warehouses. Owing to RFID technology, stock taking  is no longer  a manual process and companies can constantly track and trace information about their products and services.

Further, IT has allowed data management and has not only decreased the amount of paper used in companies but also safeguarded companies data, enabling instant access and improved service delivery to clients. Document management software is crucial in business processes  as it allows companies instant access to records and information, thereby, enabling constant feedback to clients when addressing queries, complaints, capturing invoices etc.

Further, IT is greatly aiding in the development of infrastructure for adequate logistics processes. IT has enabled engineers much more visibility with regard to infrastructure development with various software programs aimed at enabling greater efficiency and time management in engineering processes.

There are endless possibilities of what IT can do for us in future…