Dovetail launches Africa’s first Container Transport System- Engineering News- November 2013

Dovetail Business Solution’s launched Africa’s first web-based Container Transport Solution in January 2014. The software was uniquely developed to cater for logistic companies that need to overcome the tasks of transporting containers, track their movement at various stages, track storage locations, and manage the booking-and-return functions of containers.

The solution permits accurate rating and billing for these services and enables companies to globally track and trace container contents. “The unique software management system will ensure competitiveness, improved performance and services whilst reducing related costs for shipping companies,” notes Dovetail Business Solutions business development director Shermandra Singh.

It offers the shipping industry increased visibility, performance management, driver assessments, fleet management, automation, container tracking, content management and increased safety, he adds.

The CTS also comprises activity-based billing which automatically calculates each leg of the container movement process. Pre-configured rates ensure that all activities are auto-invoiced accurately, thereby saving time and costs for companies.

Container loads can also be allocated to own vehicles or outsource to subcontractors, allowing companies to control and track subcontractor’s loads.

Container Transport Solution Load Benefits
• Container Tracking, Booking and Scheduling.
• The system provides Live Tracking updates to end clients.
• Integration with Vessel inbound and outbound port schedules.
• Reduced paperwork.
• Automated or manual planning and scheduling functions.
• Lower start-up cost – web based and hosted off site options available.
• Enables easy container tracking through real time dashboards.
• Managed inter-linked legs (collect, empty, collect, return, store, etc).
• Performance management.
• Driver productivity reporting.
• Accurate real-time calculation of charges and invoice generation.
• Option to integrate into Dovetail’s driver Mobility solution for real-time updates and planning.

Dovetail’s CTS is Africa’s first container management solution and will ensure increased efficiencies and optimization for container shipping. This solution is will be available throughout Africa from January 2014,” Singh concludes.


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