Dovetail Invited To Speak At The Sapics Annual Conference 2017

Once again it is time for supply chain professionals from all over South Africa to gather at the SAPICS Conference in order to discuss topics relevant to the supply chain and logistics industry and gain valuable expertise from top supply chain executives and thought leaders. Dovetail is proud to announce that Business Development Director, Shermandra Singh and
Commercial Director Ralf Rolle, have been invited to be speakers at the SAPICS event.

Who is SAPICS?

Since its inception over 50 years ago, SAPICS (the South African Production and Inventory Control Society) have grown to become the leading knowledge-based association within the supply chain management and operation industries in South Africa. SAPICS is the well-respected source of training and expertise that enables individuals and organisations to improve business performance. Through their educational programmes and events, they aim to be the supply chain community that makes information accessible and business transformation possible.

The 2017 SAPICS Conference

The 39th Annual SAPICS Conference and Exhibition will be held in Cape Town this year from 4-7 June and the theme “Business Unusual” depicts the constantly changing supply chain sphere and the need to think out of the box to stay on track with industry trends. The programme is packed with world-class presentations, workshops, exhibitions and site visits. It is the ideal opportunity to have a face-to-face knowledge exchange, share experiences and collect actionable insights from professionals.

How This Conference Can Benefit You:

This event is one of the most relevant and practical supply chain events globally. By attending you will gain skills and valuable information from the experiences of your peers and be able to implement those tools within your business or career. For those just starting out in the industry, it is a time carved out to engage with experienced senior leaders on a wide variety of topics. For veterans, it is also an opportunity to gain fresh perspectives and discover new tools, technologies and practices.

The conference environment allows attendees to be exposed to a variety of thought-provoking view points and creative ideas. Rubbing shoulders with experts can ignite a new passion and motivation to implement better strategies that will push your business forward.

Meeting others in the industry can give you the power of first-hand knowledge of their operating strategies and learn from their strengths and weaknesses. There is also time to openly discuss challenges companies face and discover how others have solved similar problems.

Besides the formal talks and presentations, the programme includes open networking sessions in which attendees can meet with potential customers and existing clients for possible future collaboration, expanding industry contacts and brand exposure.

Dovetail’s Participation

With decades of software experience in various logistics and supply chain verticals, it is no surprise that Dovetail’s Business Development Director, Shermandra Singh and Commercial Director, Ralf Rolle, are included as speakers at this important event. They are both highly respected industry leaders, lecturers and co-authors of “The Book on Logistics Software”.

Their presentation is entitled Automating Logistics in East Africa in which they will explain how Dovetail were able to design and deploy a transport management system for Fargo Courier, one of East Africa’s largest courier companies.

Innovative thinking enabled many challenges to be overcome and the software was implemented on a smartphone and a tablet giving easy, seamless access around the country. This particular project earned Dovetail the Gold Award at the 2016 Logistics Achiever Awards.

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