Dispatch Management Software

Dispatch Management has become one of the fastest growing needs in the logistics industry. Consumers no longer want to drive ten kilometers to a mall to pick up a cell phone or a book but instant gratification has taken on a whole new meaning where you can order products and services with the click of a button and sit back while you wait for it to be delivered to your door.

With the promise of delivery comes great responsibility comprising many links in a supply chain that need to be managed, monitored, integrated and optimised for client satisfaction.

If you order a phone online you expect to get that exact phone in the color that you wanted with the contract that you selected and you expect it to arrive within the delivery time indicated by the courier company. But is it that easy?

Why Dispatch Management is not Optional

Dispatch Management has become a necessity. Without it, inadequately managed supply chains can wreck havoc on a company’s reputation and profitability. Dispatch management does not apply to large companies only but the basic principles of dispatch management should be incorporated into a company’s supply chain from start up and should be tailored to ensure successful supply chain management and visibility.

As a company grows and advances, dispatch management software can be coupled with warehouse management to ensure a 360 degree view of operations and enable logistics management processes that comprise optimised visibility, increased efficiency and optimal integration of all logistics management software solutions.

How Courier Software Streamlines Dispatch Management

When it comes to managing and planning your transport schedules, a Transport Management and Optimisation Solution (Courier Software) will save you time and money and help you use your available resources more effectively as well as reduce your carbon footprint.

Optimised route planning is enabled by courier/dispatch software and produces significant cost savings of up to 25%. This is due to lower mileage, less wear and tear on vehicles, more efficient routing, increased driver productivity, improved warehousing and less need for transport sub-contracting.

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