Courier Software 101 – All You Need to Know

To have a profitable transport business, companies must handle many daunting and consuming tasks. Companies must ensure that they offer fast delivery times, and for that to happen, they need to run an efficient business. Courier software ensures that companies automate their processes, making their business more efficient.


What is courier software?

Courier software is also referred to as courier management software, and it is a system that assists businesses in managing the processing and delivery of orders and parcels. Courier software ensures that the business processes involved when running a transportation business become more efficient. The software also tracks the delivery of packages throughout each step of the delivery journey from when a parcel leaves the transportation hub until it reaches the customer’s doorstep. Businesses can use courier software to book new deliveries, improve drivers’ schedules, have shipment tracking, route optimization and tracking vehicles using GPS.


How courier software is beneficial

The greatest challenge that transport companies have to deal with is the costs involved in the delivery processes followed by improving customer service and the improvement in business processes. Implementing courier software can be beneficial for businesses as these issues will be addressed. We will discuss how courier software will be helpful for them.

  1. Reduces fuel costs
    Courier software includes features such as dynamic route optimization, which assist drivers in preventing delays. Route optimization also considers real-time scenarios such as weather, traffic, and construction when looking at the routes used for deliveries, which ensures that you can reduce the costs associated with deliveries. For the business to have route optimization, all they need to do is enter their delivery destination. The software also uses automation which reduces the chances of any human errors that might usually occur, contributing to expenses such as replacement orders, rework and wasted fuel.
  2. Greater efficiency
    Courier software assists businesses in increasing efficiency and ensuring that drivers deliver packages either on or before the estimated delivery date. Efficiency is achieved as the software enables companies to plan and generate routes that consider factors, such as driver availability, fleet capacity, and number stops, eliminating the chances of mistakes occurring, which is common when planning routes manually. If there are any disruptions on the road, the drivers will be notified of a new route that they can use. Managers can automatically assign deliveries to drivers based on proximity and route distance, leading to greater efficiency.
  3. Better customer service
    One of the ways to improve customer service through courier software is making use of features like real-time tracking, driver chat and predictive ETAs, which ensure that customers understand what is going on during deliveries and they know when their orders will arrive. If customers want to speak directly to the driver handling their order, there are built-in customer communication tools that allow customers to text or call drivers. The software also includes a built-in feedback capture and analytics, which can be helpful for improving the delivery experience as they will offer the touchpoints that businesses should look at improving.
  4. Increased driver safety
    Courier software offers automatic rerouting and live links which connect drivers to the dispatch centre. This ensures that drivers can focus on the road as they won’t have to manually update routes to avoid road closures, traffic and any other disruptions that usually occur on the road.
  5. Actionable data
    One of the significant benefits that you can expect from software is that it provides actionable data presented in a manner that makes it easier to understand, making it easy for putting the information to good use. The data generates information about workers as it monitors individual and team performance against key metrics, such as distance travelled, on-time rate and feedback scores. The information gathered can be utilized to track the performance of the individuals at any time of the day. The data can also be used to understand the link that exists between delivery key performance indicators, churn rates, revenue or loyalty.
  6. Invoice quicker
    According to research, eliminating invoicing delays provides many financial benefits for the business. Courier software ensures that invoices sent out within a week of completed work are paid on average in less than five days. Through invoicing quicker at the point of delivery it ensures that the business speeds up its revenue cycle.
  7. Greater control
    Businesses that use courier software will have greater control as they will be able to control the entire dispatch and delivery process. Having greater control of these processes ensures that you can manage driver assignments, scheduling, route planning, customer service requests and ensure that packages always arrive on time while in the best condition.


Courier software is the answer to most challenges that delivery businesses face as it offers end-to-end visibility. It allows companies to track and resolve delays that occur quicker, which enhances efficiency throughout the delivery process.