How to Avoid Costly Mistakes with WMS

Warehouse Management Software (WMS) comprises a big investment and can ensure a significant return on investment when used correctly. To ensure that you get the most out of your warehouse software system, avoid the following mistakes at all cost:

Wrong Order Numbers

While scanning systems can be used to ensure that all products entering and exiting the warehouse environment are captured on the WMS, it is crucial to ensure that product numbers are captured correctly from the start and that the product description is captured as well. Having incorrect information on a system not only wastes time, but, as time is money, it wastes valuable resources as well. When things are done right from the start you are already halfway there with regard to optimal efficiency.

Wrong Quantities

Delivering the wrong quantities places a company at risk of losing expensive products should the mistake not be brought to its attention and also requires extra labor for correction. Further, lost products might only become visible once substantial losses are incurred.

Wrong Time of Delivery

Not delivering products on time is a big risk to your reputation and to your clients reputation as well. Service delivery is greatly dependent on real time communication in today’s environment and, therefore, clients expect you to be on time with deliveries. By enabling route optimisation and real time communication between drivers, the warehouse and clients, you can greatly increase on-time deliveries.

Invoicing is not correct or backlogged

Backlogs are major hurdles to success in an organisational environment. Not providing invoices on time will make it difficult for clients to know when you need to be paid, what an invoice refers to and will require back and forth communication to figure out what goes where and whether services have been delivered or not.

Further, a backlog in your financial department can cause substantial losses as they go unnoticed over a period of time and also reflects backlogs in other areas of your business. Keeping information distribution updated is crucial to ensuring a successful business environment. Acquiring an adequate WMS could greatly assist with this challenge.

Warehouse stock is incorrectly captured

Scanners have become crucial in a warehousing environment. To ensure that all products entering and exciting the warehouse are captured, with the information sent to relevant in-house departments, is non-negotiable. Information in an organisational environment needs to be distributed and captured in real-time to ensure that the right decisions can be made based on accurate data.