5 Ways 3PL Software Can Help Tackle Your e Commerce Problems

E-commerce is dominating the business market today, and being part of it just might be the wisest decision. This field is predicted to only grow and perhaps will be the only way retail sales take place at some point in the future.

The e-commerce sales process is simple. You sell a range of products, take in orders, fill out the orders, and ship them out. However, this is a relatively straightforward process, provided your operations are limited. But what happens when your activities expand?

Having this take place can only mean that your requirements concerning fulfillment are also going to grow, in scale and complexity; with your returns going up as well.

So, again, how are you going to deal with the growth?

The answer lies in adopting 3PL software. A third-party logistics software program can simplify your business and deliver a variety of benefits. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits provided.


Optimize warehouse utilization and product supply

There’s a thin line between being overstocked and being unable to fulfill orders because you do not have enough inventory. This is where the 3PL software can be brought in to strike the right balance. 3PL software offers the tools necessary for analyzing data and delivering models that help you determine how much inventory you should ideally stock. It can go a long way in cutting down unnecessary storage costs and protecting your brand image concerning fulfilling your orders.


The facilitation of start-ups

In e-commerce, change is constant. You need to have a smooth start to maintain critical mass about a matter such as control costs, service level maintenance, and speed to market. Managing the transition manually can prove to be very challenging.

So, to prevent your business from any unnecessary risk, you need to the right kind of support. A robust 3PL software program can help you establish processes and guide you on leveraging your expertise and resources appropriately.


Improved order accuracy and speed

If you’re an e-commerce startup, it’s evident that you’re working out an office that isn’t designed to facilitate proper order fulfillment. You will find yourself running frantically against the clock and committing quite a few mistakes.

3PL software can make up for your lack of expertise in such matters. It is designed to help you operate with speed and accuracy in mind. It can help you carry out multiple checks for every package that makes it out of your store.


Cost-effective shipping

The e-commerce customer base isn’t anything like the consumer base you would deal with if you had operated a brick and mortar store. They demand speed and cost-effective shipping. Many of them want shipping to be free.

So, to reduce your transportation expenditure, you need to offer competitive services by leveraging economy shipping. 3PL software solutions can guide you on setting up or choosing strategic distribution points across the map. For instance, you can reach 98% of the US in a matter for two days if you have the right distribution strategy. A 3PL program helps you develop such a policy.

You can use the program to identify third-party logistics providers and connect with an extensive third-party distribution network. You may also acquire the necessary buying powers with carriers. Once you have a system to rely on across the country or globe, you will find that your shipping costs lower significantly.

You will gain a fair amount of flexibility with regards to optimum service levels for each shipment.


Achieve smooth business growth

As stated earlier, the increase in the e-commerce arena can be tremendous.  It is one of the most fast growing sectors out there today. So, competition is everywhere and so is unpredictability. You need to always be on your toes because you will be dealing with sudden increases in order volume, seasonal promotions, evolving customer demands, and fluctuations that affect the business world in general.

Additionally, there will be a demand of the right amount of warehouse space and a skilled workforce to meet the growth in volume and demand. But that’s not all; you also have to be ready for a slowdown. Business are vulnerable to overstocking at times when operations are slow and this will only cost you more in terms of storage.

Fortunately, 3PL will help you optimize your space, your workforce and even your value-added surfaces to achieve an outcome in line with current market demands. A third-party logistics software program makes your e-commerce businesses agile and receptive to changes.



In conclusion, a 3PL software program is your best bet at staying in the e-commerce game. As time passes, technological solutions are becoming a necessity in the business world. Optimal customer experiences are the need of the hour. Tools like 3PL software then offer you the ability to see what’s going on and make the most of what you have. You are also provided with real-time data to shape your e-commerce business in the middle of operations.