5 Supply Chain Pain Points Mobile ePOD Software Addresses

Many pain points exist across the supply chain, and most of these pain points result from incomplete or incorrect data that the business uses in its processes. Software plays an essential role in improving business processes and their day-to-day operations, and we will look at how mobile ePOD software assists in addressing supply chain pain points.


Mobile ePOD software benefits


  1. Improves on-site service
    Mobile ePOD software replaces delivery paperwork, which improves the business’ brand image and enhances on-site processes. This ensures the driver has all the necessary details in hand that they will require for the delivery, such as the customer-provided delivery instructions. Having access to this information on an easy-to-use application reduces the pressure that drivers experience while also increasing their chances of providing exceptional customer service.
  2. Enhances customer communication
    Customer expectations are constantly evolving, and businesses must provide proactive services, such as providing their customers with real-time interaction. ePOD software sends customers pre-delivery notifications when employees begin deliveries. Once they receive the pre-delivery information, manual or automated, they will receive delivery tracking and the estimated delivery time. Once customers have received their parcels, the driver will automatically send customers electronic proof of delivery. This ensures that customers build trust with your customers.
  3. Reduced internal communication time
    Mobile ePOD software allows employees to communicate faster through the mobile app through messages, eliminating making phone calls. It reduces the risk of losing information or being misunderstood. The information shared can also be verified later on if any misunderstandings occur.


Supply chain pain points mobile ePOD software addresses


1. Increases accuracy

Supply chains have been facing more significant pressure to ensure that they deliver the perfect order in less time than before, which can become stressful. In the quest to ensure that orders are delivered in the fastest time possible, speed is now the standard for deliveries, with same-day and next-day shipping becoming the norm. Achieving this goal can prove challenging when using paper-based delivery notes. However, when using electronic forms which come with mobile ePOD, businesses will have access to the photo capturing option, notes, checkboxes or alpha-numeric fields. All these options make the document filling-in process easier for employees. The itemised forms that drivers will use on the field will provide a more detailed overview of what is occurring and assist in improving the accuracy of the information that customers will receive.

2. Enhances efficiency

In the supply chain, many issues arise related to inefficiencies and costs. Since ePOD software collects data from drivers while they are on the field, it is transmitted in real-time. The data collected allows office-based teams to generate invoices, review POD data, order replacement parts, resolve customer issues, and reschedule deliveries. The software also enables you to create dashboards that can generate daily reports and trend analysis as it identifies areas that require improvement.

3. Heightened Visibility

Supply chains often lack real-time visibility of shipments, which leads to losing control over their inbound shipments, which leads to delays in shipments, increasing the chances of losses occurring and other errors occurring, which may lead to further operational efficiencies. To gain better visibility into their processes is through the reduction of paper processes. Since the supply chain involves many stakeholders, using paper-based inventory and order tracking might create errors. When your business utilises mobile ePOD software, your office staff will receive updates and data about what is occurring in the field. This ensures that they respond quickly when issues arise. Your team will also have up to date information about any delays that might occur, which enables them to reallocate jobs.

4. Eliminates paper

The greatest challenge in the supply chain and its processes is its use of paper. One of the most significant benefits that mobile ePOD software provides is it reduces the administrative burden of using paperwork which eliminates time-consuming manual data entry and delays in data processing which usually create problems. Another benefit of eliminating manual data entry and paperwork is that it is also beneficial for the environment.

5. Quicker Invoicing

Using manual, paper-based processes when handling invoices could lead to unnecessary delays and errors when issuing payments or entering supplier data. These errors and delays quickly add up and can drive up your costs. Luckily, mobile ePOD can resolve these invoicing issues. The moment a customer confirms what was delivered and signs the delivery note that becomes the proof of delivery. The proof of delivery becomes the basis for invoicing the customer, and it also ensures that the right customer is invoiced for the right products and quantities. This ePOD process ensures that customers are invoiced quicker as there is a 3-day reduction in time which translates to an improvement in working capital.