5 Must Have Books On Logistics Management

In the complex and ever-changing supply chain industry it is necessary to continuously equip yourself with knowledge and insight in order to tackle on-the-job challenges. Here is our pick of 5 of the top logistics books on the market.

1: The Book on Logistics Software by Shermandra Singh, Ralf Rolle, Reggie Pillay and Martie Bothma From Dovetail

This is the ultimate guide and serves as a tool for understanding how logistics software works and how it should be approached by businesses in the industry. It gives an indepth view of the different facets that influence your choices and how software can either build or break a company. The authors’ vast experience includes chapters on client acquisition and retention, disaster recovery, dealing with failed projects, job fulfillment and more. Get The Book On Logistics Software Ebook From Dovetail Now.


2: Introduction to Logistics Systems Management by Gianpaolo Ghiani, Gilbert Laporte, Roberto Musmanno

This prize-winning textbook is highly recommended for both logistics professionals and academics. The second edition emphasises how logistic systems operate within an organisation. It draws on indepth research and presents case studies, updated models and logistics management techniques beneficial to supply chain business.

3: Lean Supply Chain & Logistics Management by Paul Myerson

Often seen as the all-in-one resource for Supply Chain Managers, this book gives real-world examples to explain logistics theory and is an ideal reference to practically apply these principles. It teaches you how to identity and rectify waste within your supply chain and will appeal to those who are new to the field or veterans in the logistics industry.

4:Warehouse Management: A Complete Guide to Improving Efficiency and Minimizing Costs in the Modern Warehouse by Gwynne Richards

This go-to reference manual systematically covers all aspects of warehouse management and includes the latest technological advances to improve efficiency and profitability and gives tips on how to handle environmental concerns.

5:International Logistics: The Management of International Trade Operations by Pierre A. David

Ideal for International Logistics Managers, this textbook thoroughly explains all aspects of the importing and exporting trade, including handling documentation, terms of trade, exchange rate exposure hedges, international insurance, customs clearance and dealing with security issues.

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