4 Ways Mobile ePOD Software Aids in Supply Chain Visibility

Gaining detailed insight into your delivery operations is essential as it assists you in cutting costs while also increasing competitiveness. There will likely occur some delays and issues which might make it challenging to meet customer demands promptly. We will look at how mobile ePOD software enhances supply chain visibility.

Using paper-based methods to handle data and capture processes in your mobile workforce operations can have some limitations as it could result in costly and slow updates from the field. This is due to waiting for drivers as they will have to use physical paperwork. Using physical paperwork also leads to further delays, resulting in office-based staff entering data in the relevant systems manually. Using physical paperwork can also result in incomplete or inaccurate delivery information. Luckily, mobile ePOD software addresses these issues by eliminating paper-based methods.

Mobile ePOD software is a user-friendly mobile application that assists drivers in collecting data during the delivery process. All the data drivers capture, such as proof of delivery data and operational information, will be accessible in real-time. The data that drivers capture can easily be transmitted to office-based staff. The software enhances visibility, and we will look at how it does so.


1.   Streamlines operational processes

Mobile ePOD software can streamline real-time mobile workforce management by providing real-time updates of each driver’s delivery progress and location. For instance, if an emergency job needed to be made throughout the day, the office-based staff could quickly allocate the incoming job to the most appropriate driver. This allows you to stay agile, and it is necessary to deploy your resources effectively.

You can also integrate your other business systems with an ePOD system, enabling you to gain real-time data visibility. The acquired data can optimise processes for all the teams throughout your business. For example, real-time notification of job completions allows you to speed up billing procedures. When your business has visibility of returns, it will assist in streamlining warehouse and stock management processes.


2.   Enhances customer service

When you gain visibility into your business’ delivery activities, it enables you to improve the customer’s delivery experience. Several features you can integrate with mobile ePOD software would allow operators to ensure that they can give customers accurate information regarding their deliveries. The first feature includes notifications and alerts, which help customers plan their time when they receive ETAs. After electronic proof of delivery integration, customers can receive emails from service operators on the day of the delivery or just before the delivery arrives.

Another feature that improves customer visibility is real-time delivery tracking which assists customers and operators in staying up to date with the delivery status and location. When agents know the package’s location, it will help customers with the impending arrival.


3.   Improve regulatory or compliance procedures

The enhanced visibility your business will gain with a proof of delivery system will make it easier for office-based staff to take appropriate actions quickly. When regulatory or compliance issues occur, instead of waiting for the driver to return with the delivery paperwork, they will already know about these issues as they are happening. This is useful when generating a vehicle checklist that must be filled out at the beginning of the day or the specific questions that must be presented to the driver when delivering controlled substances.

Additionally, with the immediate visibility that office-based staff receive, it will mean that drivers will not be solely responsible for compliance decisions. For example, if a driver were to flag a problem when they conduct an on-site risk assessment, the office-based staff would review the data, make a decision, and get back to the driver with the instructions in a few minutes.


4.   Eliminates physical paperwork

When businesses rely on physical paperwork for deliveries, it can pose numerous problems. It is impossible to search, analyse or track physical paperwork in a meaningful way, making it challenging to spot trends or make informed business decisions. It is incredibly easy for paperwork to be lost or damaged, and this process is prone to errors, especially when manual data is involved.

Through digitising paperwork, you will not only eliminate mistakes, but it will assist you in gaining a clearer view of the last-mile journey. By digitising paperwork, it will also make it easier for the delivery agents to deal with the delivery as they do not have to juggle slips of paper. They can easily capture the necessary details of the delivery without having to worry about filing or reconciling anything.



By adding mobile ePOD software, your business will gain enhanced operational visibility through the real-time data you gain. Your business will gain other benefits, such as increased customer service and improved efficiency.